Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Origami Stars

Today I am going to tell you how to make something that looks super complicated but is actually super easy.
Legend has it if you write a wish inside the paper you make the star with and keep the star safe then your wish will come true!


First of all you're going to need some star paper.
Some craft stores carry this and at certain times of the year Asian supermarkets usually have it.
If you can't find any, you can print some out from the web (although the quality won't be quite the same).
Starry Paper has some great designs.
Or the papercraft section of 4chan often has a lucky star thread, which is where I got this paper:


First of all if you are using printed paper, cut along the black lines so you have paper strips.
Next flip a strip over and write your wish on the back.

Gently tie a knot in the end of your paper ribbon, then flatten it and push the shortest end into the knot.

Now wrap the long end over the side two sides away when going clockwise (sorrry hard to explain), and then repeat until you use up all of the paper.
Tuck the little bit at the very end into the middle of the star (you can cheat and use a little glue if you want).
Next with your fingernail push into the middle of each side to make it pop out.

Now you have a little star :D


Day 16: A song you listen to when you're sad.

For some reason it makes me happy :)

Monday, 29 November 2010


Today I am frustrated by the weather.
University was closed today, so it looks like I will be stuck here an extra week after all.
But still I got some pretty photos of it.


Also here are some links to two more giveaways I've entered

First up is Momo's World where you can win:

2 Hello Kitty Zip lock bags
1 Stich pen
Hello Kitty Stickers
Bath Salts
Nail polish and stickers
Japanese candy
A cosmetics bag
a Usamimi
A Stich clip
A Stich Keychain
A Tokyo Disney bag
A furball phone strap
A Geisha phone strap
A manju phone strap
Lip Gloss
Lip Balm
Hello Kitty Tissues
False Eyelashes
Eye Shadow

You can enter her contest here:

                                                                     momos world

                                       Next up is Lolita and Miscillainity where you can win some very cute letter writing sets


Day 15: A song that you listen to when travelling a lot

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Round up: Back to back, all day long printing sessions...

This week has been pretty back breaking for me, very monotonous, but hey sometimes print is, and at least I'm starting to get closer to the results I'm aiming for.

Monday- I was very frustrated to find that I wouldn't be allowed in the print room, and may not be for the rest of the week because my lectuerer had neglected to let the print room know we were supposed to be in there.
I had a pretty much wasted day.

Tuesday- I found we were allowed in the Print Room (thank goodness), so I spent all day printing.
As I said I started getting some really cool results but the screens get a bit heavy after a while.

Wednesday- Ditto, print all day (I also managed to get puff binder on my skirt which looks quite amusing now)

Thursday- I managed to flock my knee, oops! Developed quite a sore back, by this point!

Friday- Day off thank goodness, I really needed it. Actually I ended up asleep for half of it Oooops :/

Saterday- I spent most of the day sewing in the vain hope I'd manage to get home on friday *crosses fingers*

Sunday- I miss lazy Sundays! Been sewing all day again!


Day 14: A song that reminds you of something funny

Reminds me of being on the train back from Whitby next to Grooving in Green (the band) and being totally unable to get Grooving in Green (the song) out of my head!

My current Lolita Wishlist and giveaways I've recently entered

I decided to share my current Lolita Wishlist today (well some of it anyway), the top four outfits.

There's some brand, some taobao and some lolible offbrand in there.
So without further ado:

Rose Melody Rozen Maiden JSK and Blouse.
I saw these yesterday and I fell in love with them (not overly keen on the bonnet so I'll just get the JSK and blouse if I get the chance).
I allready have the blue version of the Rosa Crusifx corset dress Rose Melody did as their winter dress last year, and it's pretty fantastic quality so I'd happily order from them again (although this time I plan on being brave and using a shopping service rather than Quitiland).

Gold Lycra tights.
I think a little bit of sparkle would co-ordinate lovely with the sparkle on the dress.
I have trouble with footwear for Lolita, I have big feet (so that rules out most brand and taobao), but I'm also a Vegan so I have to find none leather shoes.
Fortunatly there exists Pleaser, yes most of their shoes are for strippers but every now and then a little gem like these beautiful things appears :)

Surface Spell Catherdral underbust JSK and blouse.
The embroidered pattern on this JSK reminds me a lot of Whitby Abby, very pretty and I think it'd be a pretty cool addition to my Whitby Goth Weekend wardrobe!
As I have said in a previous entry, I think it's pretty clear the design is inspired by Moi Meme Moitie, but I personaly don't see it as being a replica.

Blue stockings (not the red ones, but the photo was attached and photoshop wouldn't open so I could trim it *shakes fist*

I think these would look perfect with the whole outfit.

Alice and the Pirates Carousel Applique head bow and OP (in green)
I fell in love when I saw these a few weeks back.
So warm and yummy looking :D
House of Holland knee high chain socks.

I originally was looking for a pair of green shoes, but I couldn't find any that were the right green, so I think these would go pretty nice with the outfit :)

Wonder Cookie headbow, halter JSK and socks.
I can't help it, I just love Wonder Cookie. I suspect inside me is a Sweet Lolita, usually I can shut her up with alcahol (I jest), but this is just way to beautiful a print in dark blue for me to ignore!
I've seen it pop up a few times on Closet Child but I've not had enough money for it whenever it's been there (soooo frustraiting!).
One day however, it will be mine!
*evil laughter*

These in blue because I just don't do tea parties (hey my inner sweet, isn't that sweet!)




Samispon is giving away:
 W♥C S/S 2010 catalogue and carrier bagW♥C socks!Dolly Wink eyelash storage caseCanmake blush in lollipop pinkOil blotting paper from Japan by Kose
You can enter here:

Finding Tokyo is revealing prizes through December but so far she's giving away:
W♥C bag
Rilakkuma strap!
ParaDo lipgloss

and you can enter that one here:

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Art Post: Recent Competition entries

Over the past few days I have been working on some entries into art and design competitions.
The one up top there is for Beta Fashion, who run a design competion for fashion and textile designers every month.
This month's challenge is to design a square silk scarf based around the concept of being able to see music as though you had Synthesia (people who have Synthesia's senses are a little muddled so they can see music and taste colours etc).
This was a bit of a toughie for me, so I decided to try and do something a little bit impressionist and try and make motifs based on genres of music I like.
The fuzzy edged blue at the bottom and the yellow at the top are "soft rock", the crisp, hard edged green is a much heavier metal sound, the random splatterings of red are Punk and the black line work is experamental noise.
I picked such bright colours because I like my music LOUD!
This is Flora, she's my entry into the deviant art lolita fashion challenge
I found out about this contest on EGL, and well it turns out that some of the girls over there tried to give the girl whose running the contest a little bit of help with her deffinition of Lolita and she took it badly.
I figured that if nothing else someone should try and enter something closer to real Lolita than her deffinition out of principle if nothing else, so here is Flora.
I'm a little dissapointed by how shocked she looks and the boobage is a little odd, certainly not my best work, but well, meh I'm still learning with digital figure drawing and any chance for me to practice is helping me learn.
Have you entered any interesting competitions lately?
A song by the last band you went to see

Friday, 26 November 2010

New pretties from MAXIXIMAM

Firstly an apology. I had a lot going on this week and wasn't able to sort out a Friday Feature. I will work hard over the weekend so that we can have one for next Friday though.
This coat is GORGEOUS, I think of all of the brand winter coats I have seen so far this year, this is my favourite.
It looks very snggly and warm, and the (hopfully fake!) fur details are adorable.
 Like a lot of the peices I've been lusting after lately the design is simple, yet beautiful.
I really like the dress here, but I think it suffers a llot from bad co-ordination in this photo. The tights look REDICULOUS and I'm not overly fond of the headdress, it kind of looks like some kind of creepy Leg Avenue Halloween costume the way it is presented.
Kind of a shame really.
Again this suffers from a bad photograph, the cardigan itself looks quite pretty, but it looks like they've covered up the fact it's creased by over exposing it.
I tend not to buy heavily photoshopped things because I always fear they are hiding some kind of awful fault.
Seriously, I found these hideous years ago and I still find them hidieous now, clearly some people like them but do they really like them THIS MUCH?
IMO CAT EARS look better than bunny hoodies.
This is so cute :) I love MAXIXIMAM's cute little cat logo, and then it's on a warm fluffy looks scarf to?

I have no idea what is going on with this logo. Is it a killer plant or is it the Cheshire Cat floating above a giant jelly bean???
Now this I get, Alice in Wonderland card designs. It's pretty, but not my cup of Rosie Lea.
This bag is pretty cool, reminds me a little of Emily Strange though.
I like this capelet for similar reasons to the coat at the top of the page, it's simple, beautiful and it looks rather snuggly and warm :)
I think of the two I prefer the coat though.


Day 12: A song by your favourite band 10 years ago

Haha thankfully a lot of things have changed in the past decade!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

On reserve at Innocent World and print update

Camille Skirt

I really like the design of this one, it's simple, yet beautiful.
I love the detail of the buttons going right around the sides, they're a quirky detail that doesn't spoil the classic style of the skirt.

Night Bear Beret
I love berets and this is no exception.
I love it in the brown colourway, it looks so classy and warm!
The bows are a very cute touch.
Rose Cameo Gloves.
These are beautuiful, and they're made from Angora wool so they're super soft.
I'm pretty sure that I NEED a pair of these in my life :)

Rose Clip Headdress.
I know a lot of western Lolis tend to find these kinds of headresses a little old fashioned, or Ita, but I think with the right kind of accompnying styling they can look very pretty.
I don't think the example head has the right style, however I do see potential in the headdress itself, also the roses are removabble and can be used as standalone hair clips.


Cute food :D How adorable are those Micky Mouse potato shapes???


Some photos of my latest screen prints

Some of those have foils in them and it's kind of hard to take photos of shiny things :/


Day 11: A song by your favourite band,

Ever since I found this song miss tagged as HIM on youtube a few years back I have been in love with this band. I'm not overly fond of their current album but I love their old stuff so much :)
I finally got to see them a few months back at the Mera Luna festival :)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Currently on reserve at Victorian Maiden

Flat collar doll dress.
I'm not aawfuly fond of this one, I know Classic Lolita tends to involve less "poof" but I really don't think the top and bottom of the dress go together very well.
Antique Rose Doll Dress

Now this I love (especially in the dark colourways), I'm not usually a fan of florals, but this has just enough flowers balenced out with the blocks of white or black.
Very pretty, very want :)

Classical Doll Dress
Simple, staple, essential Classical Lolita Dress.
I absoloutly love the custom lace on this one, I think it's to die for.
I want this dress just for that.
Hair corsages.
These are super pretty to, but looking at them I'm pretty sure I could make something similar myself for half the price :/


Day 10: A song that describes you.
You know now I think about it, I can't actually think of one since I got all happy and stuff :/

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