Thursday, 31 March 2011

Last post for approx one week

Tomorrow I'm off to Whitby for Alt Fest (ie: The other Goth Weekend), I will be in Whitby for one week.
I will have a dongle with me, but the internet signal in Whitby is pretty poor unless you're in Java so chances are I won't be able to blog.
I will however try and keep my twitter updated as much as possible and if you're following me on Tumblr I have it set to auto post some things while I'm away.


18.    What are your favourite examples of pro-queer inclusion in popular media?

As sad as it sounds, I can't think of any. Popular media just seems to stick to the "safe" stereotypes of LGBT (which I actually find pretty insulting), I mean, I love Captain Jack from Dr Who/Torchwood, but he's just another stereotype.
Bisexual guy, oh yeah he has to be really promiscuis, because that's what bisexuality is all about now isn't it *facepalm*

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

In which I make some things and almost set the house on fire...

Today has been pretty creative for me, I started out doodling. Up top is the Gingerbread Goth, which arose from a joke with Queenie.

Then a little self portrait because I haven't drawn myself in a long time.

Then a couple of bows (not 100% happy with these but practice makes perfect)

Eyebrows,I has none!

Then came some T-shirt to mini dress surgery:



There's a few bits of this I'm not happy with either, but I'm still getting to grips with sewing jersey fabric so mistakes happen.

Then I almost burnt the house down microwaving Christmas Pudding:

It was in there 2 minutes max and it burnt a hole through two microwave safe plastic containers and incinerated my noms.
This is God's punishment for me trying to eat Christmas Pudding in March :/


17.    A scene that makes you laugh from a LGBTQ show:

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cursed Skirt and packing

I have begun my packing for my week in Whitby.
This is all you get to see of what I'm wearing for now, think of it as a sneak peek :D

I've also spent a lot of today working on this, which I have christened "Curse Skirt" because whilst I was sewing it I bent one needle and shattered another one completely :/


16.    What do you think is the most obscured argument apposing gay rights?

Probably the whole "God hates Fags" movement.
Excuse me, but your God said that only he is allowed to judge people, so take your judgemental placards and GTFO pls.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Update on the situation from the weekend!

Following the water being cut off at the weekend, 
Unfortuatly it's only cold water :(


  Write a limerick/haiku/small poem on something LGBTQ.

There was once a young girl called Leah,
Who one day came out as Queer,
Her parents were ok,
Happy their daughter was Gay!
And they all shared a very nice beer!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday Round Up: *stab stab stab*

This week started great, but ended really badly *sigh*

Monday I went to see Enrique with my mam, we had so much fun :)
Tuesday went shopping at the continental supermarket, mmmmm ghost chillis :D
Wednesday I worked on some sewing, housework and business plans.
Thursday was much the same as Wednesday
Friday, well on Friday the flat downstairs flooded, our building janitor came by, said he didn't think it was from our flat and then left so I thought it was ok.
Five minutes before the janitors leave for the weekend another guy came around and said the leak was coming from our flat after all and they were going to turn our water off from their office and we'd have to get a plumber in.
We called a plumber, the plumber couldn't do anything because the water was switched off and we couldn't switch it back on because the janitors had gone home.
So we've been without water all weekend and have to keep popping next door to fill kettles and use the bath 


14.    If a celebrity you admired made a phobic remark, how would you react?

I'd be pretty upset and angry, I'd stop admiring them for that.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Sewing post: Pencil Punk and Home (unfinished)

Today I thought I'd show some photos of my latest garments I've made.
This up top is the front of a skirt I've christened "Pencil Punk", it's a pencil skirt made from textured taffeta.
The Punk element comes in at the back:

There is a row of gold coloured safety pins along the back seam.
Basically my idea was to make a classic, vintage inspired skirt that also represented my personality.

The second skirt isn't quite finished yet.

This is "Home", another Lolita style skirt.

It's called Home, in dedication to my favourite football team (who play in red and white).


13.    What is your favourite piece of gay slang?


Naff is Polari (a form of secret gay language used while it was illegal to be gay),  word that slipped into modern English slang. It now means something that doesn't work very well, or is boring, but the original Polari meaning is "Not Available For Fucking" (ie: a straight person).
I just find it really amusing since finding out what it meant when I hear people describing their Xbox or something as naff! 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Monday night picspam

On Monday my mam and I went to see another of my childhood heroes... Enrique Iglesias!

I can't really go into huge amounts of detail, but I will say it was pretty damn amazing :)


12.    What is your favourite LGBTQ song (inc. parodies)?

This is sung and played to the tune of the ever classic camp fire song Kumbaya. Enjoy!

We wear Birkenstocks...lesbian
We drive pick-up trucks ...lesbian
Ev'ryone has an aunt who is...a lesbian
Oh yeah..lesbian

We don't eat red meant (except some of the time) ... lesbians
we like pocket knives ... lesbians
we own dogs that are part wolf ... lesbians
oh yes ... lesbians

here's a verse for all you non-lesbians out there ...

we wish we could be ... lesbians
we'd join a softball team ... lesbians
but we're not tough enough to be ... lesbians
benchwarmer ... lesbians

we throw solstice parties ... lesbians
we don't tip real well (ooo!) ... lesbians
[i forget this line]
oh yes ... lesssbiiiiiaaaaannnnsss! 

Tuesday Tutorial- Sparkle Socks!

Firstly my apologies, I tried to post this on Tuesday but it refused to post.
This week I thought we'd go for something a little easier than most of my recent tutorials.
This one is so simple pretty much anybody can do it and it was inspired by these Miu Miu socks:

All you need are:

A pair of white knee high socks.
Sequins (with holes).
embroidery or other thin needle.
White thread

Make a few stitches with a knot on the inside of the sock to secure the thread.

Next sew on a sequin.

It's easier to sew on sequins if you put your other hand in the sock.

Then that's pretty much it, keep sewing on sequins until your socks are as sparkly as you want them!
Between sequins you should make lines of small stitches so that you don't get huge loops of thread inside the socks.


11.    What is your favourite funny LGBTQ picture?

My group's banner at the first Newcastle Gay Pride March.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday Round up: Ruffle, ruffle, ruffle

This week has been one full of inspiration.

Monday - Kev and I went to York to see O Children, they were amazing :)
Tuesday  was spent filling out forms and making a start on my dress for the Masked Ball.
Wednesday Tia to me up to Galashiels to rescue my artwork.
Thursday I spent a lot of designing and sewing.
Friday was my mam's day off so we went on a fabric finding mission, I didn't end up getting any fabric myself this week however.


Who was the first LGBTQ person you met? What was that like?

Probably Gavin, it was pretty damn fabulous :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Great Creativity Rescue!

I found out recently that I wouldn't be able to cast my concrete for the uni project I did back in November (which is a shame because I as really looking forward to it), but I'd be getting marked on the work I did towards it.
I also found out that I had to go and collect my work within a week of being marked otherwise it would be thrown out (good job I don't have a day job yet then isn't it?), so yesterday Tia and I drove up to collect it.
We drove up in the morning and had many giggles in the car (most of them seemed to be around her accidently breaking at the same time as I was taking a drink), had a bit of a faff about where to park (all of the  parking has been changed since that last time I was up there) and then grabbed my fabrics and research files.
After that we went to meet my friend Lizzie for tea in a really cool little art cafe (which is where Tia found and assembled the children's dinosaur jigsaw pictured at the top of the page).
We caught up with Lizzie and then drove home, with more giggles (even though we got stuck behind some INCREDIBLY bad drivers on the way home).


9.    Your favourite LGBTQ protest sign?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

O Children and The Chapman Family

Last night Kev and I went to see O Children and The Chapman Family in Fibbers in York.
It's been almost a year since I was last in there, and the whole venue seems to have flipped around.
There was an Indie band supporting, I wasn't really to into them though and I forgot their name.
Anyhow I wasn't really expecting much of The Chapman Family (above), but they turned out to be seriously awesome, so good infact that I forgive their vocalist for totally screwing up one of the mics (he tied the cable around his neck and pulled quite hard-his face went kind of purple-, I had a bit of a moment of "is this cool or a little bit disturbing?), meaning that the first song O Children played was vocal-less.
Black shirt with a black cross print AND a smoke machine? Yes we're not Goths at all!


I have a couple of progress shots from my masked ball dress:


8.    What is the funniest situation being associated with the LGBTQ community has put you in?

I dressed as Elvira for the second annual Gay Pride march and got mistaken for a Drag Queen, I was quite flattered actually :)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday Round Up- Thankfully a bit quieter this week

Thankfully after the chaos that has been the last few weeks I've managed to have a little bit of a rest.
Since my last round up was on Monday I am only rounding up Tuesday onwards in this post.

Tuesday I worked on my business plan and finished my new petticoat.
Wednesday and Thursday were much the same.
Friday I went fabric shopping to get supplies for the Masked Ball in Whitby in a few weeks.
Saturday I spent time with Kev and some time drafting up patterns, oh and we made some kick ass chilli and watched South Park.
Today Kev took me out for dinner :)


7.    How many rainbow-motif/rainbow coloured items do you own?

Just a set of earrings

Saturday, 12 March 2011

You shall go to the ball Cinder-hell-argh!

Yesterday I bought the fabric I need for my dress for the Masked Ball at Whitby in April.
I'm not going to reveal what it's going to look like just yet, but I will say while it won't itself be Lolita, it will have a little bit of Lolita inspiration to it.

I also got:

Polka dot fabric to make a Strawberry Switchblade inspired skirt :)

Three pairs of knee high socks :)


6.    If you could turn one outspoken bigot into a bleeding-heart, absolutely pro-gay liberal, who would it be?

Tom Cruise, though I'm fairly certain the man (?)'s in Narnia anyway...

Friday, 11 March 2011

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Autumn-Winter 11 show

Today's post is about the recent unveiling of Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label Autumn/Winter  2011-2012 collection and how I plan on using some of the style elements in my wardrobe.

This collection is all about taking the "safe" colours (blacks, whites, greys, beige) and adding a spectacular dollop of interest (usually with splashes of gold or some oversized details).

A lot of the outfits in this collection have Retro and Vintage influences (a whole section seems to have a World War Two era influence), as is common with Dame Westwood's collections.
I'm very fond of the pencil skirt in the top image, and I am very much considering making one in some of the brown taffeta I bought a few weeks back.

I really like the jacket from the second image too, I can see myself making something similar and it becoming a bit of an Autumn staple.
From the third outfit I like the idea of the hotpants over tights.

I'm planning on making a BIG dress for the Brahm Stoker society ball in October, and inspired by image number four I'm considering adding a cut away section at the front.
The fifth and final outfit has me inspired to make something similar in devore fabric.


5.    Do you have a queer role model or hero?

Brian Molko

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pretending history didn't happen

This is one of those moments where I get all serious for a little bit. Racism is a sensitive subject and I ask that we please discuss this calmly here, I don't want to start a flame war, I just want to get my opinion over on this and I would like to hear your opinions too.


A few days ago Super Kawaii Mama managed to cause a massive stir in the Vintage Blogging community with this post (depending on where you work this might be NSFW).

Several commenters (quite rightly) pointed out that the figure is pretty damn racist, however I personally think some people have taken it to far.
Personally I wouldn't have that figure in my house, not because it's a racist stereotype but because it's pretty ugly in my opinion.
I do however have a miniature Gollywog and several items of memorabilia that imply the Scots and the Irish are all drunks.
These are all pretty old things, from times (now thankfully passed), when this kind of thing was common place, and if they were new and still being produced I would not want them, but they are pieces of history, they are here and they exist and I don't think they should be swept under the carpet out of embarrassment.

My opinion on this kind of thing can be pretty much summed up in one quote from Whoopi Goldberg (speaking about the racist episodes of Disney's Merry Melodies):

" The cartoons are products of their time and contain racial and ethnic stereotypes that, through modern eyes, would be considered offensive, but the cartoons are going to be presented on the DVD uncut and uncensored because editing them out and therefore denying that the stereotypes existed is almost as bad as condoning them in the first place."

Now that's just it as far as I'm concerned, yes Super Kawaii Mama's figure, my gollywog and my Irish and Scottish drunks (despite me have both Irish and Scottish Heritage) are racist, yes I'd be worried if they didn't squick people out even just a little bit, but destroying them or hiding them away would be a terrible thing, we need things like that to say to people "hey this is what happened, it was terrible, but it happened and we're better than that now."

Reading through the comments on the post, one that caught my eye was this one:

"HiredRose says:

March 8, 2011 at 10:42 am
Okay. So those of you spewing bile all over this blog and the comments, who, judging from the spelling and the rudeness are American – How many of you have gone into the corner cigar shop and abused the owner for owning and displaying a life-size Native American statue offering cigars, hmm? Or have you boycotted baseball because of the stereotypical caricatures of the mascots for the Atlanta Braves or the Fighting Irish? How many of your hometowns have high school mascots based on Native American caricatures?
Remember, a. things are different in other countries and things might not be as offensive to a native there as they obviously are to you, and b. there is a real, breathing, blinking, fallible woman on the other side of the screen who is sharing parts of her life with us, and being as rude as many of you have been is far more offensive to not only her, but to other readers than the blackamoor man was. And on top of it all, you MEANT to hurt her, which she never did.
Do us all a favor next time, and if you’re offended and don’t want to read the blog anymore, just don’t. Spare us all your spite."

I think she has a very good point, I know of at least three cigar shops in Edinburgh that have life sized, wooden, Native American Chief figure, in or standing outside of them, all three are antique and very popular with tourists of all nationalities to have their photographs taken beside, why has nobody tried to have those taken away?
A lot of sporting teams and food brands around the world use racist stereotypes as logos, television is full of stereotypes (think  of how people of different races are usually presented in sitcoms, black families almost always have a son who is into basketball and gangster rap, a daughter who wears skimpy clothing and is very materialistic, an overprotective, borderline psychotic father and a level headed working mother, Asian families often have a family member who works in a Take Away or corner shop, Irish families have at least one heavy drinker, the list goes on), these are things that are happening in the here and now, these are far more problematic than Vintage curios.
I was appalled a few years back when I visited Spain and spotted a brand of chocolate raisins that featured caractures of pig-mi tribal Africans (small fat bellies, giant mouths, loin cloths and waving spears) that I truly believe have no place on modern packaging.
I don't hear anybody complaining about those little Hawaiian Hula girl figures that are so popular with vintage enthusiasts, and those both caracture a race AND objectify women!
So in short my opinion is that people shouldn't be trying to pretend history didn't happen.
I'd like to hear your thoughts too.

4.    If you were to dress in drag, what would be your drag queen/drag king name? What kind of thing would you wear?

King Alexander Web, I'd wear Kodona (something I'm planning on trying as soon as I nail the Lolita look)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The recent trend for Anime and Manga inspired Lolita

In the world of Westernised Lolita there seems to have been a lot dislike for Anime and Manga for quite a number of years now.
Personally I'm not really fond of very much Anime of Manga, but I don't hate it, and I don't see why anybody liking it should be a problem.
I do see where problems could have come from originally, a lot of characters people think of as being Lolita aren't really all that Lolible, but there are Lolita characters out there.
Recently there seems to have been a bit of a trend for Lolita brands to release collections inspired by Anime and Manga.
Queen's Trump by Angelic Pretty, inspired by Shiki.

I think this is great for breaking down barriers, and I am really enjoying some of the designs that are popping up.
I'm usually not fond of Angelic Pretty but Queen's Trump is beautiful (it even has goth potential in my opinion),

This Aristocratic number by Atelier Pierrot (also based on Shiki) is beautiful in my opinion.

And the OP from Baby's recent collection inspired by Kuragehime.

But then again there are some that I personally think would be better minus a few details.
Like this Metamorphose dress based on Gotick, I like the roses on the skirt, but the ones on the sleeves look really awkward :/

The new Putamyao cutsew would be so much better without the giant yellow bow/ears thing on the hood IMO (other than that I love it).

And then come the "Do not want at all"s.

The word "eep!" comes to mind :/


After a little bit of thinking I picked some Anime that I think it would be nice to see Lolita interpretations of:


Some of Sakura's outfits already have a little bit of Lolita to them, so it wouldn't be to hard to come up with something inspired by them.

Sailor Moon, I think a lot could be done with the decorative elements of the Sailor Scouts uniforms.


3.    What is your favourite queer joke?

How many lesbians does it take to change a light bulb?
Two, one to put it in and one to write a folk song about it.

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