Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Beauty is Agony - Belladona

Deadly Nightshade

The year is 2012 AD, women will do all sorts of dangerous things in the pursuit of beauty, we nip, we tuck, we hide all for vanity.
People have been paralysed (or worse) by unnecessary surgeries, blinded by improperly made contact lenses and recently a big news story has been about rupturing breast implants.
This is nothing new, vanity has been one of our greatest downfalls for a long time, perhaps for most of time and so I decided to do this series of blog posts on some of the dangerous beauty essentials of the past.

Belladonna, Deadly Nightshade, The Beautiful Woman, The Death Cherry...The plant once used as a poison by the ancient Romans (reputedly used to poison the Emperor Augustus) became a popular eye drop solution to widen ladies pupils in the Renaissance, who believed that the doe eyed look was their ideal (perhaps this was a forerunner to the circle lensed look that Sweet Lolita sometimes aspire to?).

Belladonna is a powerful and dangerous drug, just two berries from the plant itself can potentially kill a small child, even in smaller doses it can produce horrendous hallucinations (Belladonna has been found mentioned alongside Opium in Witches "Flying potions" from the Middle Ages, presumably flying is a common hallucination related to Belladonna), in the eye drops themselves? Well after prolonged use the use could find their sight degrading or even loose it completely.

So when was this product discontinued? Shockingly we still use it (although not as a beauty product), eye drops containing trace amounts of Belladonna are used by opticians, remember the last time you had an eye test and they dropped something in your eyes to dilate your pupils? Chances are it was an eye drop containing Deadly Nightshade!
It's also used commonly in sleep medication (which is one of the reasons why overdosing on sleeping pills can be deadly) and in asthma medication!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Beauty is Agony - Radium

Tho-Radia...For "radiant" beauty!

The year is 2012 AD, women will do all sorts of dangerous things in the pursuit of beauty, we nip, we tuck, we hide all for vanity.
People have been paralysed (or worse) by unnecessary surgeries, blinded by improperly made contact lenses and recently a big news story has been about rupturing breast implants.
This is nothing new, vanity has been one of our greatest downfalls for a long time, perhaps for most of time and so I decided to do this series of blog posts on some of the dangerous beauty essentials of the past.

"An ever flowing fountain of youth and beauty" is what the radium beauty creams and powders promised, "Rays revitalise and energise all living tissue."
In the 1920's radium was big business, it was added to everything from coco powder to condoms, in the big business that was women's beauty radium was added to moisturisers, anti-wrinkle creams, talc, shampoos, soaps and face powders.

Tho-Radia (so called because it's main ingredients were a mix of Thorium Chloride and Radium Bromide) was one of the most popular and played very heavily on the name of one of it's creators (Alfred Curie, who was not related to Marie...But what the public didn't know couldn't hurt them...Just slowly poison them...)
Shockingly Tho-Radia was available right up until the 1960's when radium was deemed far to dangerous to use in beauty products...What is it that radium causes I hear you ask?
Well radium is a carcinogenic substance, it can cause a whole host of beautiful side affects such as anaemia, cancer and birth defects.
And the great news is that the effects of radium build up over the years, so imagine what it must have been like for those poor souls that used it for half of their lives only to discover their coco was giving them cancer?
It makes some of the ingredients in the beauty products I use now seem a lot less scary!

Monday, 27 February 2012

The London Trip at the Weekend

Upstairs bar in Slimelight

On Saturday Kev and I went on the loooooooong train ride of doom to London (the train ride is so boring, but ho-hum, worth it in the end :) )
We expected to get totally lost in King's Cross because it turns out our printer hate google maps, but we managed to find the Bed and Breakfast quite quickly (we stayed in the Swinton Hotel, not the best place I've ever stayed in, but it was pretty good value for just one night).
I put my face on (lol) and then off we went to find food and then head to Slimelight.
Best Falafel in England

It turns out we were just around the corner from the place with the great Falafel and the rip off Star Wars sign so we got noms there :D
Aaaaaaaaaaaand then...Promptly got lost by turning off two streets early 0_o
Still we managed to make it into the general area with time to spare, so went for a pint in Weatherspoons...Where I managed to get lost again in the rabbit warren they call the toilets 0_o
The doors were a little late opening at Slimelight, but it was ok, it was quite a nice night, no rain.
We headed off to get drinkies when we got inside.

and passed this on the way, turns out it really is a Facebook Group!

I didn't take photos of any of the bands (because my camera is crap at gig photos and Kev takes better pictures than me because he's had more practice), but I will see if Kev will let me use some of his picture on here when he gets them uploaded.
I didn't think at first I was going to like the first band, Release the Bats, but I ended up quite enjoying them.
They have kind of a horror punk sort of sound.
Missed most of Last July because we were to busy nattering with people in the bar area, but what I did see of them they seem to have improved since I last saw them in Whitby in 2010, they're also a three piece now (last time I saw them there was only two of them).
I quite enjoyed Cryogenica, although they did suffer a little from technical faults they recovered well (though I di remember saying during one pause "If this was the north they'd be doing the Macerena by now").
Beauty of Gemina were awesome, so I'm even more gutted I ended up missing most of their set at Mera Luna (my bag was being searched at the time 0.o)
Afterwards Kev interviewed Michael (which I will link to when it goes up online), who is really nice (and I had a brief conversation about Vivienne Westwood with as he'd been wearing a Vivienne Westwood jacket onstage and I had been drooling over how well made it was...Yeah I'm a tailoring nerd).
So all in all I had a fabulous night (and I'm sorry there aren't more pictures).

Sunday, 26 February 2012

sunday round up

Tuesday: Giant Fossilised Armadillo: Breaking the Silence (trigger warning for talk about eating disorders)

Also this week my friend Lady Michi started a blog to accompany her new venture into millinery, she doesn't have a lot posted yet but it promises to be worth a watch, her blog can be found here

Friday, 24 February 2012

Weekend Plans :)


Off to London tomorrow with Kev, we're taking the train which takes like forever so I probably won't be able to blog tomorrow (so don't worry I haven't vanished from the internet or anything lol).
We're off to see Beauty of Gemina and then there's the possibility of Kev doing some Slimelight Karaoke (which could be amusing, the last time he did karaoke at Slimelight he did a Lady Gaga song with black metal vocals and someone we'd never met before got up and danced).
So yeah, fun time ahead and I'll tell you all about it when I get back :)


5.) On a scale of 1-10 how scary do you think the show is?

It depends on the episode. I find some of the characters scarier than the Zombies themselves.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

In England They Say, "Oooh New Shoes!"

Yes, you are not imagining it...I bought a pair of flat shoes...Buuuuut

I also bought these not flat at alls :D

The second pair of shoes are the ones I was wearing in yesterday's post :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How could you leave me when I needed to possess you?

Just stand in this graveyard and channel Kate Bush for a while...

So I did a little bit of a mini graveyard photoshoot, I like graveyards and I think so long as you are respectful (ie: don't climb across the headstone or walk across the plots) then they can be lovely backdrops for photographs, after all some of the huge fancy stones are the ultimate fashion accessory for the eternally vain (at one point fancy gravestones were used to show how wealthy the people buried underneath them were).

I'm so sad this one went blurry :(

Most of the stones in this graveyard are from the Victorian era, so morbidly beautiful stonework fills the grounds, it's quite sad to me that so much of it has become overgrown and un-cared for over the years.

It was a little breezy when we took this one!

Not far from where we took this photo lies the toppled headstone of a local historical figure. I find it quite upsetting that nobody would pay to have it set upright again.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Le Chat Noir

I bought this fabric a few weeks back and hope to make a Lolita One Piece (OP) from it in a similar style to the red OP I have.
The name might sound a little confusing, but the football team I follow (Sunderland AFC) play in red and white stripes and their nickname is The Black Cats.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Outfit post

Something dawned on me recently, something a lot of alt fashion bloggers never do is post what they wear when they aren't dressed up to the nines.
So here you go, this is what I wore on a recent grocery shopping trip...Lol yes I do indeed wear a corset sometimes when I'm doing mundane tasks (I like the support I get from corsets much better than the lack of support I get from skinny, little bra wires...).

Even though it's not yet spring I tend to wear skirts rather than trousers...I hate trousers they feel weird BLEH!
So anyhow I hope this was insightful :)

I love this corset :D

4.) What survivor would you be 100% okay with if they were killed next episode?

Shane, I seem to spend 90% of each episode wanting to beat him to death with a shovel.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Round Up: Huggly, Snuggley, Love Edition

Monday: Babes in Hairland - Valentines Heart Braids Heart shaped braids, not just for Valentines.

Tuesday: (Vampire Soiree) Spooky Halloween Arts - What I like about Vampires My favourite of the Vampire Soiree posts this year.

Wednesday: Views From The Couch - You Didn't thank me for punching you in the face One Mother making a very good point. How come we wonder why so many women stay in abusive relationships when we teach little girls that if a boy picks on them then he has a crush on them?

Thursday: Bloomzy - Valentines Day Treats delicious cupcake pictures!

Friday: Jean of All Trades - Remembering Zelda Kaplan In memory of the 95 year old Fashion Icon and "It" girl who sadly passed away this week.

Saturday: Fashion Is Evolution - How to make a Valentines Flipbook Wrapping up Valentines with something cute :D

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Angry and disapointed

I am angry and disappointed that I live in a time where it is still acceptable to make fun of people's differences.
I am so embarrassed that this made it to TV (this was on in the ad-breaks on Sky Sports news during Soccer Saturday at least three times today) in what is supposed to be a civilised country, what pray tell is civilised about calling Transgendered women dogs?
So fuck you Paddy Power, fuck you and the horse you bet on when you though this was a good idea.
I hope that anybody who likes a flutter on sports, a bit of a bet or is a gambler with a conscience chooses some other company to place their bets with, even after Paddy Power decides to go one of the inevitable two ways to deal with the very predictable fallout.

What are the odds they will berate anybody who complains for being to up-tight and "not getting the joke" it is after all "just a bit of fun", people are so "PC these days".

Who would care to bet that Paddy Power will make a humble apology, for their off colour joke?
I trust the sincerity about as far as I could throw it (not very I have terrible upper arm strength).

No, they will not be getting a penny from me.

Friday Feature -

(posted on Saturday due to an issue I was having with the photographs sorry)
A few weeks ago I entered a competition on Zammap's Facebook Fanpage to win something pink for Valentines Day, I was the lucky winner and chose  fat red stripe bows
 and so I decided to review them.

I am quite pleased with how these look in my hair, they're very pretty, and match quite well with some fabric I bought recently to make a Lolita OP.

The only real flaw I can see is how the ribbon has been folded over and hot glued at the back, personally I think they'd look much more professional if the ribbon was sealed from fraying by melting the edges over a flame as I find the hot glue globs slightly messy, although this is just personal preference.

I am interested in buying from Zammap at some point in the future, I have taken a look at some of the other things on the site and I really like the mini crowns, what do you think?

Final Scores:
Look: 5/5
Construction: 3/5

Construction amended to 2/5 as the back fell off one of the bows the second time I wore them and I had to glue gun it back on :(

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pretty things in the post :D

Pretty postcard from Yini in Shanghai.
I'm considering attempting to do my hair like that at some point :D

The back of the cute writing paper Carrie in Hong Kong used to write to me.

Her adorable pug Pancake :)

Susi from Germany sent me a photo of herself too last week but I didn't scan it because I didn't feel right about putting someone's photo of them-self online without asking first.


3.) Lori/Shane or Lori/Rick?


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Self Portrait 2012

This post inspired by The Artist's Journal Workshop
Pencil on paper

I used to do a self portrait every year in school, I wish I knew where some of them were because it's a very good way of seeing how my art style has improved over the years.


2.) Favorite female character? Why?

Carol, she's one of the few characters that don't make me wish the zombies would just hurry up and eat everybody.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

(Vampire Soiree post) Tuesday Tutorial- How to have the perfect Valentines Day when you're over two thousand Years old!

Hey you!

Yes you!

Are you REALLY old?

Are you SO OLD you knew all fourteen matyred guys called Valentine?
Not sure what to do to remember them any more?

Then this guide is for you!

So you have had an overpriced dinner at all of the best restaurants, tried every kink in the book and have more black roses than you can shake a stick at....What IS there left to do on Valentines?

Firstly you could make your 3,000 year old sweetheart a card..."BLAH!" you exclaim, "We've given each other cards before!"
This one is special!
Find out their favourite blood type and paint a heart onto a piece of white card.
Scratch and lick cards are so much more sensual than plain old, mass produced, Human cards.

Instead of a pointless, dead plant this year, why not lure home dinner with a plant name? Lily, Rose, Iris and Daisy being popular choices this year.

Surprise your loved one with tickets to see their favourite band play...Blutengel, Theatres Des Vampires, The Scary Bitches...Who will you pick?

Everybody knows Vampires can't eat chocolate any more right? But you can still drink it, let Martha Stewart show you how in this handy dandy recipe (real vampires swap the red food colouring for real blood).

Plan a romantic getaway to a Vampire friendly attraction: Bran Castle, Fangtasia or even the town of Sporks are all great this time of the year!

Have a night of giggles, curl up and watch some human made vampire movies and laugh at the silliness...Pfft mirrors? What were they thinking!

Massacre some famous Love Poets over dinner!

Or you could just go on a romantic killing spree for two!
Here's to many more years to come of Vampire Valentines!


This entry has been part of Holly's Horrorland's Vampire Day Soiree, if you enjoyed this pot please click the above banner to see what some of the other participants posted (and if you thought this post was a load of un-romantic sweaty bollocks, click it anyway because then all the other posts will be so much better in comparison!)


One last thing: If you're feeling like a bit of a night in this Valentines and want something a bit Goth as your background music then head over to 1 radio between 5pm and 7pm for Screams from The Charnel House; Tainted Love Special with DJ Ghost and then again between 9pm and 10pm for The Gothic Evening with Kev36663 (All times in GMT adjust to your own timezone accordingly).

Monday, 13 February 2012

An extra hour

My heart is black, unlike my coffee.

I wish there was an extra hour in the day that I could spend with the people I care about.
Like a real extra hour that I could spend with them, not another hour to be swallowed up by people's work-lives.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday round up: I will stop missing days out eventually edition

Tuesday: Miss.Tea&co: How to Crochet a Bunny Ring Ultimate crafty cuteness!
Wednesday: Forgotten Bookmarks: Grave A postcard featuring the Pioneer Cemetery in Harrodsburg, Kentucky found inside an old book.
Thursday: Michael Adams Fashion Blog: Louis Vuitton Condoms Safe Sex for the ultra fashion concious.
Friday: Holly's Horrorland: Vampire Party Planning Music? Check! Snacks? Check!
Saturday: Retronaught: Cat Eating Corn on the Cob from 1951...Perhaps the original Lolcat

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Tomato and celery salad

I have a terrible case of blogger block today and have no idea what to write about, so today have some photos of food while I decide what to write about next week.

Home made bread with kidney bean spread

Purple sprouting broccoli

Raw dippy lunch from Wednesday

Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday Feature - Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect

Reviews are my honest opinions 100% of the time, I point out both positive and negative aspects of the product. All of my reviews are based on personal opinions and experiences.

Oh noes! My first negative review of a product!

As a lot of you know almost three years ago I had my hair all shaved off to raise money for charity. I decided that I wanted to grow it to waist length after that and I have been growing it ever since.
Now obviously it is always important to take good care of your hair, but it is EXTRA important to treat your hair the best you can while you're growing it, one straighten to much at a high heat setting or and bad bleach job could set your growth back months or even years!
My usual hair care routine is to wash my hair with a Lush shampoo bar (I'm currently using The Blonde) every two to three days (I don't wash it every day because washing is when the majority of hair damage occurs so I only wash it when it needs to be washed), and then I alternate rinses between Jasmine hair oil and Cider Vinegar .
Pantene seems to have a very good reputation for leaving people's hair soft and silky so I was rather exited when a large purple envelope appeared in my hallway with my samples in it.
In all I had three samples: Repair and Protect Shampoo, Repair and Protect Conditioner and Repair and Protect Intensive Treatment.
All three came with instructions on how to use the products, but no instructions as to HOW MUCH product to use, so I made a wild guess and used around the size of a 2p coin.

After the first attempt I was actually really happy with the products, my hair looked and felt fantastic and actually smelled faintly of cucumbers 0_o
It wasn't until I was next due to wash my hair that I started to notice problems.
My hair had REALLY dried out and felt like straw!
Dry hair is not healthy hair, i's REALLY bad, so brittle in that state, I actually panicked because my hair felt so dry and gross.
I figured the only thing I could do was to wash my hair to see if this improved the situation, which it did.
Again my hair felt lovely until I needed to wash it again and then it just felt like straw.
I figured in order to be a fair test I needed to have one more try, and yes the results were exactly the same :(
It seems that on my hair at least Repair and Protect does the exact opposite of what it says on the tin.
I will not be using this product again.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The strange things that people look for...

My Face When...

One of the things I like about using the blogger/blogspot platform to blog with is that I get to use the really helpful analytic feature to see how people found my blog.
Mostly this works out just as expected, people often come through the link on the EGL Lolita bloglist, or through The Midnight Ballroom's blogroll or quite a lot of people get here by googling a craft that I've covered in a Tuesday Tutorial.

Every so often though I'll spot something very odd 0_____o
In the past week alone people have found me by googling "Louise Brooks naked", "Louise Brooks Vintage Ass" and (now this one is extra special) "half eaten lettuce".
Seriously people?

Previously I've also had people find my blog by googling "Old French Whore" (which lead them to an entry where I called Stirfry a camwhore for getting into all of my photos 0_o), "Gothic Sluts" (which gave them a none Goth entry about Slutwalk) and "Siouxsie Sioux sex tape" (which gave them an entry where I talked about Siouxsie and The Sex Pistols).

So readers, what is the strangest search result that has brought someone to your blog?


1.) Favorite male character? Why? 

I can't choose between Glenn and Daryl, they're the only two male characters I don't want to beat around the head with a shovel.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tuesday Tutorial- The Art of Letter Writing

I had my first penpal letter turn up in the post yesterday :)
It's a letter from  in Germany, basically just an introduction and she seems really nice.
I'm going to write back (obviously), it dawned on me though that I can't even remember the last time I wrote a proper letter to anybody.
The art of letter writing is becoming a lost art :(

Fortunately for this week's Tuesday Tutorial I've written this handy dandy guide to keeping letter writing aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive mwhahahahahaha! 

The first step is to choose your weapons, a fancy pen is optional but may help put you in a good mood, not optional however is a pen that works.

Next is paper, is this a formal letter? Use plain white. A letter to a friend? Let your artistry flow, decorate the margins with doodles and pretty things.
I've never written to Susi before so I went for a printable stationary sheet from Cannon Japan's website.

So how to start writing?
This may seem obvious to some (in fact I know a couple of people who set their emails out like this), but there are different ways to format different types of letters, as I'm writing to a pen friend a lot of the more formal elements can be removed.

So I start out with the date in the upper right of the paper.
The date should be written like this:  7th February 2012
Not like this (or any other variation: 7/2/12

Next I say hello to the person I'm writing to, I write it like this:

Dear Susi,
              Thank you for your letter.
Rather than the way I would just dive straight in with "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" in an email.

And then I write the rest of the letter before signing off with my signature.

The thing to remember is that an email is a disposable note in most cases, and a letter is something to keep and treasure and you should write it in a way that would make you want to keep it if you got it yourself.

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge

Thought I was feeling better as I went to bed last night...Woke up this morning with an awful cold to add to my ickyness...GREAT THANKS FOR THAT WORLD!
Thought since I'm feeling so Zombified I might start on this challenge (I'll be adding a question to the end of the next 30 posts)

The Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge
1.) Favorite male character? Why?  
2.) Favorite female character? Why?
3.) Lori/Shane or Lori/Rick?
4.) What survivor would you be 100% okay with if they were killed next episode?
5.) On a scale of 1-10 how scary do you think the show is?
6.) Has there been any specific walker that scared you the most? Why?
7.) If you were bit a walker, what would you do?
8.) If you could have one person on the show as your partner during the zombie apocalypse, who would it be and why?
9.) What’s your contingency plan in case of a zombie apocalypse?
10.) What Walker kill scene has been the best? Why?
11.) Favourite scene? Why?
12.) How does Walking Dead compare to other shows/movies about zombies?
13.) How long would you think you could survive in similar situations?
14.) In the event of a zombie apocalypse would you take on the role as a leader like Rick or be more of a follower?
15.) The scene that was the most unexpected to happen?
16.) Pick a weapon .. Hand gun or bow and arrow?
17.) The most emotional scene?
18.) Something you wish a character had done during a particular scene?
19.) If there was anyone in the group who you would like to see a zombie, who would it be?
20.) Least favorite female charater? Why?
21.) Least favorite male character? Why?
22.) What scene has been the most intense and scary for you?
23.) Would you get bit by a walker in order to save someone you loved and cared about?
24.) Pick a weapon .. Chain saw or baseball bat?
25.) The character in the group you are most like? Why?
26.) Under what circumstance would you not kill a walker?
27.) A scene were you were like ‘OH HELL YEAH, THAT WAS SO COOL HOLY SHIT!’? 
28.) A scene that made you laugh?
29.) Your weapon of choice?
30.) A scene that left you speechless?

Also I know there's a while yet (although this gives me time to decide what to post :D), but I will on Valentines Day be participating in Holly's Horrorland's Vampire Soiree.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stuff and nonsense...

I will explain Hardcore Walrus in a moment...

As I said in my last post I haven't been very well this week, so I apologise profusely for my lack of entries this week. I've been wanting to post but I keep having spates of time where I've felt to weak to move, or then when I have been able to move I've not been able to focus on anything :/

I am feeling a lot better today thankfully so you needn't panic, but I am still a little tender.

Ruined house in the dark (don't worry about the two odd lines, it's the reflective strips on a bin...Also I think most of the lights on that photo are from The Bridge Inn)

On Thursday some friends and I had arranged to walk around all of the haunted places in Newcastle in the dark, as it had been pre-arranged and I'd really wanted to do it, I still went, although in retrospect I think it might have agitated my pains walking around in the cold night.

Facebook's facial recognition thing tried to say there was a face in that one, I think it was just screwing up (every time someone takes a photo of me in my skulls JSK it tries to get me to tag all of the skulls as people), but still if anybody CAN see a face on it do let me know.

I took a fair few photos, but I don't see anything on mine out of the ordinary. We had a few things happen on the night (there was a placed we went where a light went off when we went in but when we walked away it went on again and stayed on the whole time we could see it, which was 20-30 minutes...I guess this might not be Paranormal but it was odd to say the least),  also my friend was pushed down some stairs 0.0

Ruined well...Samara not included...

Included because this made me giggle...

Part of the castle itself

My mam says she can see some things on his one, but I don't, let me know if you do :)

While this came out way darker than it should, strangely I find it quite pretty.

On Friday I felt like death warmed up :(
I had planned on meeting Kev after work and then going to Hellfire, but I felt so bad I initially decided not to go out at all.
However I had to go give my mam her camera back, so I ended up thinking that I would go give my mam her camera back, meet Kev, grab food, go to Hellfire for a while and then come home if I still felt bad.
That was the theory anyway...I got all wrapped up in my giant coat, hat, scarf, misfits-esque gloves aaaaaaaaaaaand discovered my front door had swelled up because of the cold weather and no matter how much I pulled (pulling the muscles in my arms and twisting my back in the process), I was trapped in my own home *FACEPALM OF THE CENTURY*

Given that I live on the fourth floor and my bottom is HUGE I couldn't really climb out of a window so I had to call Tia to come save me...
She may revel in the fact she gets to say she kicked my door down FOREVER!

As a reward for saving my fat ass, I let her drive me to my mam's house and play with the puppy, I am such a generous person sometimes :D

After that I went to meet Kev, we had dinner in Pani's Cafe, which is this super cool little Italian place...Seriously if you're ever in the area EAT THERE IT'S DELICIOUS!
Then we headed to to Hellfire. I was just to icky to really enjoy the night which is a shame :( I sat in the corner for most of the night snapping at some girl who kept treating the request list like gospel (pro-tip: a request list is a list of suggestions of things you would lie to hear...Just because you write it down doesn't mean it WILL be played, if you CANNOT GET THROUGH THE NIGHT WITHOUT HEARING THAT SONG then find a bar with a jukebox...Also you will not maximise your chances of getting your song played by A: Requesting music not on the music policy...Hello this is a rock night... B: Calling the DJ's girlfriend's bitches because they tell you how to make a request rather than removing whoever is DJing at that moment's headphones and hauling them over so you can tell them you want to listen to your song RIGHT AT THIS INSTANT!)
Oh yeah before I forget, someone drew Hardcore Walrus for James because it was his birthday :)

I can do Milkmaid braids now HUZAHH!

Yesterday I was in so much pain it was ridiculous :(  But it was the first Charnel House  of the new year so I hoppped myself up on painkillers and brought out the make-up trowel in a vauge attempt to look human (I've not seen any photos and these photos of my hair are from before I was ready so I don't know if I succeeded).
I had a great night, I just wish I'd been in a bit less pain for most of it...BAH!

(back and top of my hair)

Hopefully given that I feel better today that means the worst is over and I can go back to being well again :)

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