Thursday, 31 May 2012

A couple of hairstyle photos

Just a few hairstyle photos I wasn't able to upload until now

This one I did using this tutorial:

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lolita the Artwork

Lolita the Artwork is an artbook put together by Rachel H-N featuring the Lolita themed artwork of 47 different artists and is divided into sections based on the different substyles of Lolita.

Page 46 by Luna

My favourite is of course the Gothic section, with the above page being my favourite of all.

Lolita the Artwork is available as a book or a PDF

Hair and Outfit 29/05/2012

Similar to yesterday, sort of Casual Loli thouugh because I'm not sure how to accessories this hmmmm

Monday, 28 May 2012

Hair and outfit of the day 28/05/2012

Toooooo hot today so just curse skirt and a vest top

 I'm pretty much out of Game of Thrones hairstyles now so I'm playing around with updos

Friday, 25 May 2012

Little Ol' Me

I'm still working my way through scanning the family album, found some photos of me today.
Above is me as a toddler, dressed much like how I dress today!

This is from my 6th birthday party, I wore a Star Trek jumper my mam knitted for me (I was obsessed with The Next Generation, Worf was my favourite), and I had a Pocohontis birthday cake (this was way before I started seeing the flaws in Disney logic).

I don't really know what is going on here, perhaps this is why I don't remember ever having a "dodgy crow make-up" phase? My babybat days were earlier than I thought!

Friday Feature: The Halo Initiative

I recently found out about The Halo Initiative when I was sent a box full of tampons and pantyliners from Buzz Agent to test, unfortunately I still haven't been able to test them yet (yay for being irregular 0.o) so I thought I'd talk a little about some of the great things Halo do as a company.

Halo is unique amongst today's manufacturers of feminine hygiene products in that 15p from every pack sold goes towards women's health charities ( and looking at the prices of Halo products this doesn't seem to mean that everything cost 15p more than competing brands, if anything they seem to be cheaper than some of the brands I have used in the past).

Of that 15p none of it goes into admin costs, so you can rest safe in the Knowledge that your money is going where it's most needed, supporting the work of Ovarian and Gynaecological Cancer charities, many of whom seem not to get the recognition they deserve (ladies, our ovaries are just as, if not more important than our breasts), Newborn and Mental Health charities and charities dealing with victims of Domestic Violence.
So while I haven't yet been able to test the products I do think that this is an amazing company worthy of people's support.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Family photos

Today I have been mostly scanning old family photos from the 50's

A lot of the photos on the first few pages are quite small, but I'm hoping once I have them all scanned I may be able to blow them up a bit on photoshop and perhaps repair some of the ageing on some of them.

A couple of the photos in this page were marked wrongly as being London (some of the photos are London), but I managed to recognise them as Edinburgh...Lol I am such a Scotland nerd :)

Outfit and hair of the day 24/05/2012

Today's hair based on Catyln Tully's using this tutorial :)

Bonus photos of yesterday's hair:

Which I did using this tutorial (Goodness I did something not Game of Thrones!)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

May 22nd

And that's all I have to say on that subject...

Today is Harvey Milk Day, here's a pretty awesome post on why this is important.

Hair and Outfit 22/05/2012

Feeling Lolita today (please forgive the lack of socks they hadn't dried yet)

Mellisandre hair again today, this one adapted from this tutorial

 Pleaently surprised by how quick and easy this was :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Story of my hair (500th post woohoo!)

Me way back in 2009

It' now over three years since my charity head shave (I partially covered why I did it in this post although I didn't mention that another contributing factor to my shaving all of my hair off was that I had just got out of a bad relationship with someone who tried to control me...One of his things was that he told me never to cut my hair and this was my great big "FUCK YOU!" back at him, though the charity stuff was what inspired the had shave in the first place).

June 2009, my first photo with Kev :)

I still don't regret it one bit (although I can't really see myself doing it again), it was quite an experience to feel the wind against my scalp.

October 2009 (with Kev again)

December 2009

Early in 2010 I bought some fake dreads from The Cute Alternative after hounding Charleen from Uberbyte as to where she got hers from...Hey look it's Kev again! (I didn't think there were so many photos of us together!)

By May 2010 it was nice bob length (with Francesca from The Lovecrave)

In June I was able to attempt a Hime Bump for the very first time!

By October 2010 it had reached my shoulders!

In December Queenie back-combed it MASSIVE for the Forever in Black fashion show!

March 2011 I had enough hair to Dutch braid! Also I dyed it red with Henna. With Kev, Craig, Queenie's skirt! And Klockwork Monsta's torso!

In May I got my Hime cut and fringe (bangs). With my friend The Captain, who is a bit of a Pirate!

Back-combed even bigger in June 2011 for the Forever in Black accessories shoot!

By July it was past my shoulders and starting to pick up a bit of a curl. With Gary Numan.

And by December even my braids were past my shoulders!

In February 2012 I back-combed again...My word! Huge hair is HUGE!!!

I lightened my hair in March

And then a few weeks later accidently dyed it green!

In Whitby in April I tried crimping (photo by Paul M Baxter)

And this is the most recent good photo of my hair :D

Hair and Outfit of the day 21/05/2012

This shirt reminds me a little of a prettied up straight jacket :)

Kind of based on the style Melisandre wears in the first episode of series 2 of Game of Thrones, you only see this style briefly and in half light (how frustrating!) but I think it's four rope braids coiled into a circle at the back of the head.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Full House

Yeah this is going to be one of THOSE posts where I stop the fun bus for a second and talk about something I think is important.
In this case, identity, biphobia and 3am epiphanies I guess (as a side note 3am Epiphany would make an awesome name for a band).

Picture the scene, it was 3am, I was browsing reddit because I couldn't sleep (no I was not going to just close my eyes because then I would have just lay there wide awake listening to Kev snore, I'd rather be doing something un-productive), when I saw a link to Erika Moen's new comic strip (NSFW).

It struck a chord with me because I have had some very similar experiences, and of late I have started to question if I CAN really keep labelling myself as bisexual, I've been feeling increasingly less comfortable with it lately.

When I first came out I chose to label myself as bisexual (and I would just like to stress that I choose the word not my sexuality, I can't choose my sexuality, I'm sure if I could life would be a lot easier) because I was under the assumption that gender was binary, you had "boys" and "girls" and I liked both so "TA DAH!" I must be bisexual, but over the years my understanding of thing has changed.

I no longer believe that gender is so binary, so I feel off about identifying as bisexual when I don't really believe there are just two sexes and I am attracted to more than two of them, I also don't really feel right about identifying as pansexual, I guess that's probably the best description of how I am but at the same time I really hate the word "pansexual", silly reason I know but as much as I like a good friend breakfast I like people not pans.

So I guess that queer is the best description for me, maybe not forever but for right now it is.

Onto the second thing, in one panel of the comic Erika points out that intolerance is a trait shared by both straight and gay people.
This is something I have noticed over the years too, and unfortunately I have found that personally I have heard more intolerance from within the gay community than from outside of it, and that kind of upsets me.

I'm willing to admit that as far as not hearing that many abusive things from straight people might be down to some kind of "boob owner privilege" or something (it seems to be that there is more acceptance for bisexual women, and people that pass as women than there is for bisexual men or people that pass for men), but some of the things I've heard from other queer folk can be pretty upsetting sometimes:

"Everybody knows you're just a lesbian in denial" (this was said when I was dating my ex boyfriend)
"I will be so disappointed if you end up with a man" (um what?)
"You're just greedy"
"Oh now that you're straight I guess I won't see you at Pride this year" (FFS I'm not straight...Just because I'm in a relationship with a man doesn't mean I suddenly stop being attracted to women)
"You're just a fake wannabe" 
"You're to young to know for sure"
"If you really were bi you'd have known long before this"
and the list goes on...

I wonder how we can ever expect straight people to accept us if we can't even accept each
I just wish people would think before they speak sometimes.

[/weird ranty post]

Friday, 18 May 2012

Hair and Outfit of the Day 18/05/2012

One of Deanerys's many, many variations today...I swear her hair is different every time the camera pans around...

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