Thursday, 19 July 2018

It's Been A While...

And I have changed somewhat.

Almost two years ago now, I stopped blogging. At first I said it was so I could spend more time making Youtube videos, but I stopped doing that after a while to, the truth is I'd been writing a blog almost daily since 2010 and I was REALLY burnt out.

I felt like I was just constantly going over old ground and that my posts were boring and nobody would read them, combined with my mental health deteriorating, which I decided not to talk about a whole lot because I fell into the trap that many bloggers fall into of trying to project the "everything is awesome all the time" image, it had started to feel like I was swimming through treacle.

I needed a rest, a long rest.

At the time I thought it would be forever, but recently I have started to miss blogging and the friends I made. I also never stopped getting emails about my blog, mostly from companies wanting me to make sponsored posts, most of those I found kind of annoying to be honest, because while I did used to do the occasional sponsored post (and happily still will going forward if I'm offered a review product that makes sense, not washing powder though because hahahahahaha why did I think that was a good idea?), it just felt like they were doing the bare minimum of marketing by finding a blog, but not actually bothering to read it or see that it was still active.

On occasion though I'd still get an email from a reader telling me how much they enjoyed my blog and asking if I'd ever come back, the most recent being from Gertrude who sent me a really lovely email about my blog and asking for some advice about goth, and I guess I kind of thought, well it's been two years, it's time to come back.

It's going to be pretty ad-hoc though, I'm not going to blog every day. There might be a couple of days where there will be a post every day then radio silence for who knows how long, I don't want to burn out again and this is going to be on my terms.

No more pretending things are fine when they're not either. 

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