Friday, 22 October 2010

Friday Feature 3: chocolatehomicide's art

St Lucy by Chocolatehomicide, you can find out more about St Lucy here including why she has her eyes on a plate.

I first spotted Chocolatehomicide's creepy cute art style a few weeks back when she posted "The Doll Collector", a two page comic to the Livejournal group EGL (clicky) 
Since then I have been avidly looking forward to her posts and after her last art post I felt eager to feature her.
Thankfully she was only to happy to answer my questions.
Dead Things for Breakfast

You have a very creepy, cute style, was it a concious decision you made to draw like this or did it evolve over time? 

Honestly, I think it was sort of inevitable that I'd end up drawing creepy-cute things. Both "creepy" and "cute" have been an important part of my aesthetic tastes and my personality ever since I was a little girl. For example, on one hand, my imaginary friends that I had for years as a child were a bat, a spider, and a snake. On the other hand I wore my princess and ballerina costumes on a daily basis. And while I loved Sanrio and all things Hello Kitty, I would also love to go explore (supposedly) haunted cemeteries with my grandma. So even before I had heard of lolita and started incorporating that into my art, the creepy cute aspect was already there

Who or what inspires your art the most? 

Its hard to say what inspires me. Everything, really! Real people, other artists, movies, dreams, stuff I encounter out in real life- I find inspiration everywhere! Other times, ideas just come to me out of thin air with no inspiration at all. Pinpointing what inspires me the most seems nearly impossible! 

Choosing Heads

Who is your favourite artist? 

There are a lot of artists who I really like! People like Mark Ryden, Yoh, Camile Rose Garcia, Trevor Brown, and Yue Tachibana (AKA Lunago) are all really great in my opinion. There's also an artist who I discovered recently called "Candy Jane" who mixes morbid and fetishy themes in with lolita in a way that I really like (GASP! Fetish in MY lolita??? lol). But really, some of my favorite artists are the people I watch on DeviantART.

If you found out you could only use one colour to make art for the rest of your life, what colour would you pick and how long would it be before you went crazy?

Oh, goodness, I'm going crazy just thinking about the question! I don't mind working in just black and white, but if I were to only be able to use one COLOUR, I think I might go with pink. Pink isn't really my favorite color, but I think a palette of just black, white, and pink can look amazing. Plus there always a sort of femininity in pink that I think adds to my work more than any other color would. But I would go crazy pretty quickly, I'm sure. 

Simply Delightful

You can see more of Chocolatehomicide's art, and follow her work here

regular bloggy note:

Day 5: Bubzbeauty inspired updo

I have a different haircut t Bubzbeauty so it looks kind of different in my hair, but here is how to do it:

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