Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tuesday Tutorial, single fake dreads into dreadfalls

Firstly my apologies for having to post this on Wednesday, but I was having issues posting yesterday.

When my hair started to grow back I bought myself some false dreads from The Cute Alternative (they're really awesome by the way, I totally recommend them to anybody  on my fiendlist interested in getting false dreads), the one's I bought were 100 single ended dreads in Cyan and Disco Pink.
They were great until my hair grew a bit to much (I'm trying to grow it to waist length so cutting my hair isn't an option).
I decided to try and make them into falls instead.
The first thing you need for this is a pile of single ended false dreads (this is the kind with a loop at the top).
You'll aslo need elastic thread (the kind with the thread wrapped around a few strands of eleastic), you could probably do this with ribbon and tie the ends like a hair ribbon, but I find this method easier.

I made two falls, but depending on how many dreads you have you might want to make more or less of them.
Thread the eleastic  through the loops at the tops of the dreads, twist the tops of the dreads so that you can't see the loops as much.
When you run out of dreads tie the two ends of the elastic in a secure knot.
Now you have two fall "bobbles", you can twist them into your hair the same as you would with any other bobble, hair tie or scrunchie and then arange the dreads so that they look a bit more natural (forgive the odd bits of my real hair poking out in the picture here, I didn't have time to hide it propperly).


Next entry coming up soon :)


Have you ever had fake dreads? 
Did you like them?

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