Saturday, 8 January 2011

Alternative Footwear Review

On Monday, the sole fell off one of my everyday shoes, and so I needed a new pair. I decided to order a pair of ribbon dolly shoes from Alternative Footwear on Tuesday.
I bought a pair of Pleaser boots from AF over the summer, and I was pretty happy with the service, which is why I ordered from them again.
Most of the shoes AF carry are from Pleaser/Demonia (two parts of the same company), but they also carry a few other brands, and it would seem that they do some of their own.


My tracking number was emailed to me on Thursday (usually they are faster than that, but there was a bit of a backlog from Christmas), and my shoes turned up yesterday morning.

The box was wrapped in a thick Parcelforce plastic bag (I guess outside of the UK you would get a standard grey bag? Not sure), I tore into it before I took a photo...FAIL!

Inside the plastic was a big white box (when I bought my boots I got a much thicker box that said Pleaser all over it in silver).

Inside the box, but shoes were individually wrapped in, I'm not really sure how to describe them, they're kind of like flexible Polysterine bags with the Pleaser logo all over them.

Each shoe also had one of these in it to hold the shape in the post.

The shoes un-worn.
My initial thoughts were that they'd sent the wrong size because they look so small! (I have UK size 8 feet, which is a US 10), but it tuned out to be an optical illusion. Although because of this, when I have them on, my feet look smaller!
The heel was bigger than I was expecting, I didn't think it looked quite as big as it turned out to be in the stock images, but they're relatively comfortable to walk in, so I think I'll still be able to wear them as day to day shoes.
I was a little dissapointed by the ribbon, in the description it doesn't say what kind of ribbon it is, and in the stock photo it looked like PU ribbon, so I was a little put out when it turned out to be gross-grain. I don't mind it around the sides, it still looks quite pretty, but the bow at the front feels a little "clunky", fortunately the front bows are  removable, so if I don't change my mind I can take them off and replace them with shoe clips, whilst still keeping the side ribbons WIN!

Here's a photo of them worn. They pinch a little at the moment but I think that's just down to them being new and needing broken in.

Overall, I'm happy with the shoes and service and I'm pretty sure I'll be buying from them again in the future :)

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