Sunday, 10 April 2011

Whitby Post: Shopping, shopping, shopping!

One of the major causes of excitement for me this time is that I actually had some spending money for the Gothic Market in Whitby Leisure Centre.
I tend to buy a lot of things online, but I prefer to be able to see things in real life before I buy them so I can check out quality etc, so the Gothic Market is a big thing for me as I get the chance to have a look at the wares of various sellers of Goth and alternative wears from across the country.
This time I managed to pick up a pair of fangs (I actually bought these for the Hammer Horror Society Ball in October, I just decided I should buy them in advance so they wouldn't sell out), I'm planning on doing a review of the fangs later in the week so stay tuned.
The Dove and Key earrings came in a set with the Birdcage necklace, and I bought them from a seller with the most amazing array of Gothic and Steampunk themed costume jewellery.
The embroidered mask came from Queenie's Forever in Black stall, she's local to be so I get to see her stuff all the time, but this was a new product and I needed a mask for the masked ball.

Over the road in the Riffle Club was the Steampunk market, I had to retrain myself from blowing all my money on goggles!
I left with two greetings cards and two postcards from Fetishman. I love his work it's so cute and interesting :)

Later on in the week, Kev bought us both Fish Pedicures from a local hair and beauty salon (Curly Tops if you're interested and happen to be in the area).
I've been wanting to try a fish pedicure pretty much since I first heard about them, I've heard a few people say different things about them but in my opinion I like the idea, I think it's very natural (the fish do this to other animals in the wild, plus if you have blisters or any kinds of sores or cuts on your feet you aren't allowed a fish pedicure).
As I said though that is my personal experience, and if you're unsure you should check out the rules and regulations and how the fish are treated at your local salon, and if you don't like the idea, then just don't do it.
It tickled a little at first, but really it's no worse than one of those foot spas that have the water pulses in them, our feet felt fantastic afterwards (much smoother than any other foot treatment I've had done), and it's actually lasting quite well, my feet still feel pretty good!


21.    Are there any great ironies you notice in homophobia/anti-queer rights?

That I'm Pagan and seem to know the Bible better than the people that quote it for their anti-queer agenda...
Seriously Leviticus also says you can't shave your beards, a lot of you guys look pretty clean faced to me...

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