Friday, 24 June 2011

Happenings of the past few days

A preview image for the photo shoot I did with Forever in Black last night

On Wednesday night I went to a psychic fair with my mam, it was a really interesting night of messages from people's passed on loved ones, none for us this time, but since we usually get something it wasn't like a major disappointment or anything to not hear from anybody this time.
A few of my mam's friends got messages which was really nice :)

My mam had a private reading from a guy who was doing a different technique to what we'd seen before, it was a bit like tarot in that he had a stack of cards, but there were more of them than you would get with a tarot deck, and each card had a word or phrase on it.
As often happens when my mam gets a reading done there was a message in there for me, from his stack of cards the man pulled out one that read:
"A Web"

Now call it a co-incidence if you must, I won't argue because all "co-incidence" means is events that coincide, but I found that a little freaky, in a good way though.
He then went on to say to me that he felt I was in a situation where people were accusing me of things I haven't done and that the more I struggle against it, the more it looks like I'm a liar.
That's exactly the kind of situation I'm in at the moment as it happens, and honestly, yes it has been getting to me and a few days ago I finally snapped and did something a tad childish which probably made the whole thing a whole ton worse.
His advice to me is to let go, to let people gossip if they must because their lies will all come out in the wash eventually anyway.
It'll be hard for me, but I suppose that is probably the best way to deal with things.

Preview photo from the Forever In Black accessories shoot.

Yesterday I was part of another photo shoot for Forever in Black, I don't have any of the proper, polished up photographs yet but the two in this post are previews of what is to come.
This shoot was an accessories shoot, so there are lots of photos of hats, collars and cuffs to come :)
I also took my bonnet with me, so there are some decent bonnet photos to come :)

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