Monday, 18 July 2011

Northern Pride 2011 and Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for lolita.

Saturday was one of my favourite annual events in Newcastle, our very own Gay Pride March and Pink Picnic.
The march itself is less of  march in the *rabble rabble we want change dammit* sense, and more of a parade showing all of the wonderful, positive things about LGBT culture, we're here we're queer and we're waving at you so smile dammit!
This year it decided to rain, and boy did it do that!

We became the cheeriest parade of rainbow brollys there ever was :D
Every year the parade gets bigger and better, and every year there are more happy people turn up to cheer us on and less haters (though there were two ever so brave guys sitting on a bus stuck their middle fingers up at us as we went past, but ho-hum perhaps they just wanted us to wave and blow kisses at them?)

Ophelia Balls looking glam

Because of the rain I spent a lot of the rest of the day in the Cabaret tent, but I did get to see and enjoy a lot of fabulous Drag acts :)

Also Pride being Pride, I got a lovely bag full of freebies when I braved the rain to go talk to the people with stalls :)
Bag and Mesmac balloon

Other side of the balloon advertising 1 hour HIV tests

Two copies of out and a magazine about Northumerland

various flyers from the people I spoke to, and the free brolly from the Royal College of Nursing

Remenents of my flag that disintegrated in the rain

More flyers, lip balm, badges, a fuzzy thing, condoms and lube

This one glows in the dark!


1. Malice Mizer- Beast of Blood

2. Adam and the Ants- Prince Charming ("ridicule is nothing to be scared of" being something we should all remind ourselves one in a while)

3. Strawberry Switchblade- Who knows what love is?

4. Bow Wow Wow- I Want Candy

5. The Sisters of Mercy- Alice (I designed a print inspired by this and Body Electric, and just the mad urge to parody the whole Alice in Wonderland thing Lolita has going on)

6.Razorblade Kisses- Teddy

7. Stolen Babies- Spill (I just love the whole "broken doll" kind of look the band have going, it inspires me to do something similar to a Lolita shape)

8. Moi Dix Mois- Night Breed

9 Marilyn Manson- The Dope Show ("they love you when you're on all the covers, when you're not they love another")

10 Hole- Doll Parts

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