Monday, 1 August 2011

Day 13 – A picture of your favorite sweets. (Also minor business update and some new social networking links)

Raspberry Rufles :D

Now for the business stuff:

My business plan is almost complete, I just have to get back in touch with The Princes Trust so I can begin the next step of the process.
A lovely lady rang me from Business Link earlier to find out how I was doing and she's sent me out a few new guide, which is also pretty great.
I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere :D

Social Network stuff:

As many of you know my almost private blog (I occasionally post public entries but it's mostly for talking to people I know irl and ranting) is hosted on livejournal, and livejournal went down at the beginning of the week, well I've now moved over to Dreamwidth, so on the off chance you want to add me there I can be found here

I'm also now on google+, it's pretty quiet over there so if you're on google plus and feel like adding me my profile can be found here

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand finally, I managed to register for Pottermore this morning and my auto-generated username (wtf?) is AsphodelWolf8

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