Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Covenant, Method Cell and Novus

Sunday night was one seriously awesome gig, perhaps even my favourite gig of the year so far!

Just to ruin your illusions of what dressing rooms look like...BUT LOOK I LAYED THE FOOD OUT ALL PRETTY AND STUFF!

The sound check was the quickest, most efficient sound check ever (here's the thing, sound checks are pretty boring after the first few you sit through with your "OMG I'M SITTING THROUGH A SOUND CHECK!" grin, they're especially boring if the band involves a huge drum kit, I love drums but I hate drum checks it's like an hour of THUD THUD THUD, so after a while you start hate sound checks and love bands that are mostly electronic and/or have German or Italian band members because they seem to take the least time to sound check).


I've seen Novus three times now,each with a slightly different line-up, one thing remains constant for me though, I know a lot of people find them a bit "Marmite effect", but live I really like them.

Method Cell

I'd not seen Method Cell live before, I had heard their album a few times and Kev has been playing a couple of their tracks on his radio show (Late Night Gothic,, every Tuesday from 10 until Midnight, [/shamlessplug] ), so I knew I liked their recorded stuff already.
I very much enjoyed them live and I thought they brought a lot to the gig, I really enjoyed the new track that I've since forgotten the name of.

A warm day in Reykjavik!

Soon after the entire club filled up with smoke machine smoke as Covenant took to the stage.

Covenant as I said were pretty fantastic, this was both musically and performance-wise and the strobe lighting was actually a pretty nice addition to Legends's regular lighting.

They played all of the old favourites as well as some of the stuff from the new album, it was actually a pretty good mix.

They seemed to go down incredibly well with the crowd too which is always great :)

After the show I managed to get a picture with Daniel Myers :) (one of these days I will manage to get a photo with someone and I'll manage not to look derpy)


The following day Covenant played York, but their train wasn't until the middle of the afternoon so they asked Kev to dinner (I think this was mostly down to wanting to know where in Newcastle is good to eat at, but still it's nice to ask to the promoter to join you for dinner the next day, so yeah if you're a band and you're reading this MAKE A NOTE OF THAT, you don't have to BUY the promoter dinner, just go somewhere nice and eat with them :) ).
I ended up going too because well I had nothing better to do.
We ended up shoe shopping with them first before it got to food...Shoe shopping with Covenant...MOST SURREAL MONDAY MORNING EVER!
Eskil went off in search of a post office so missed out on dinner, but the rest of us (Myself, Kev, the Daniels and their tour manager who's name I've managed to forget :/), headed off for curry (apparently there are no good curry houses in Sweden, can anybody confirm or deny this?).
Turns out that they're all really nice guys :)

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