Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day 10 – What do you hate and love about the subculture?

Hates first so I can have loves last and end on a positive note :)


1. Elitism. Yes I agree that gothlings should respect their elders and all BUT being "first gen/ second/ THERE IN THE 80'S!" doesn't mean you can act like a twat. I appreciate your experience and all but don't use it as an excuse to try and make goth into your exclusive "people of a certain age only" clique, it's killing the subculture.

2. Assumptions. Just because someone wears a big dress, corset or floofy cuffs (or all three at once), doesn't necessarily mean they're only into goth for the clothing, don't assume that someone with a gigantic bustle doesn't also know a helluva a lot about the music too.

3. Hypocrites. I am 100% behind the aims of the Sophie Lancaster Campaign, but I am getting really sick of certain people shouting about equality and how down-troddon goths are and then in the very next breath stereotyping chavs. I've not had the greatest experinces with chavs myself, BUT that doesn't mean they're all bad. If we ever want people to stop assuming that we're all baby eating, satan worshipping necrophiliacs then it needs to go both ways, we need to stop assuming all chavs are council estate, dole wallers that have 50 kids by the time their 25.

4. Stirers. Stop it, you're making things worse for everybody, yourself included.

5. Badly made corsets. You're potentially hurting your body by wearing them, and thought I'd never say it, they're also hurting my eyes.


1. The music.

2. The fabulous, fabulous clothes :)

3. The people. The wonderful ones out number the crappy ones.

4. Festivals.

5. Nice boots.

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