Monday, 12 September 2011

Day 2 – Share photos and experiences from your Baby Bat days. (pictures probably not mind-safe)

Oldest photo I could find bar the purple lipstick one.
I'd just started college, I was 15, natural hair colour, no make up and fairly boring clothing.

A few months later, still natural hair colour but baaaaaaaaaaaaaad make-up. Meh I think we all have a photo like this somewhere, nobody is perfect the first time they do something, and this is one of those times.
I kind of look like the "Gothapotomus" macro in this one :/

A few months later I had my hair cut into a Siouxsie-esque bob and dyed my hair black.

This was from a group project in college between the fashion students and the photography students.

My first set of fake dreads weren't all that great, but they did glow in the dark which was pretty cool :)

I was a bit shit at making sure I re-dyed my roots :(

At this time I made three friends who I thought I would be friends with for the rest of my life, unfortunately, things changed, we changed I guess and I only see one of them now and even then it's rare I see her now because life kind of got in the way, we have bills to pay and crap these days.
Even so I still look back on this time fondly because I have a lot of happy memories of those people, and part of me still hopes some day we can be all friends again, although I think that is probably quite unlikely.
One of the aforementioned friends was very good with a camera, thus I have a lot of photos of my lack of clothing co-ordination and poor make-up skillzzzz from this time 0_o

 This was a week after the one above, I was cosplaying as Death from The Sandman by Neil Gaiman...Yeah it was pretty bad, soon after this I decided Cosplay wasn't really my cup of tea after all.

This was a week after the Death disaster.
I see this posted around a lot, as people seem to think it's bad Mana-Sama Cosplay.
Bad it may be (although of all of the photos of me from this time in my life I think that this is one of the least bad, despite the terrible lipstick, and this is my boyfriend's favourite photo of me), but I was not cosplaying Mana.
The friend who took the photo had a habit of uploading photos to deviant art and saying they were cosplays when they weren't, I was still a little weird around people at that time because of all the time I had spent alone while I was home educated, so I was scared to say anything in case she took it badly, in retrospect I don't think she would have and I really wish I had said something.
I mentioned this purely to clean the air about this photo, that it is not cosplay.
I was trying for Lolita though, so I suppose you could say this was my "ita" phase.

This was the week after that, as badly co-ordinated as they are, I really miss those boots.

This was the last time I hung out with those friends before I left for university. Bad make-up, check, green streak in hair, check, bad dreads, check, HOLY FUCK WHY DID I DE MY EYEBROWS GREEN?!?

I pulled this pose a lot *cringe*

University Freshers week...Holy fuck why did I wear that "corset", funny thing is I don't even have "I was drunk" as an excuse for the corset or "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!" pose. I was an art student and booze was damn expensive in Galashiels unless TESCO happened to have some bottles of beer parcel tapped together in reduced to clear (that happened more than once).

This was my 19th Birthday party, my friends were broke and I decided that they were the only people I wanted to be with so we sat in my friend's kitchen and drank vodka out of a child's tea set (STFU EMILLIE AUTUMN I DID THIS BEFORE YOU NOW RUN ALONG AND GO RE-RELEASE OPHELIAC AGAIN!)
Note the lack of support making my boobies look droopy as hell (not that they're massively pert but this picture makes them look worse than they are) and vial of my friend's blood around my neck. I accidently lost that necklace at an Angelspit gig, I was pretty devastated because "a vial of their own blood" is the coolest thing a friend has ever given me as a gift.
Oh yeah, about the hair (lets skim over the dodgy eyeliner kthanx), I shaved it off for charity a few weeks before this picture was taken, it was actually a pretty fun experience.


I have no idea why my friends decided to put this wig on me, but apparently I enjoyed it at the time...This is what vodka from teapots does to you...

This is the last of my photos that I consider baby batish, I may still from time to time wear a bad outfit or some hideous make-up but hey at least I don't wear corsets with twisty busks in them any more... Infact I'm really picky and rarely wear any corsets with plastic bones in them these days...I like my steels :)

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