Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Round Up: Going places

This week has been a week of things getting moving!

Monday was my mam's day off work, so we went to town and ate Lebanese food :)
Tuesday, I was feeling inspired to cook, so Kev and I shopped for ingredients.
Wednesday, I had my meeting with Elaine from The Prince's Trust, which went well :)
Thursday, I started looking for a part time job so I can make ends meet while I'm setting up Arachnee Threads.
Friday, I got two email backs from jobs I'd applied for (flyering and a model job), I have an interview for the first on Monday and have to put together a portfolio for the second, also Friday was Hellfire.
Saturday was an extra Special Steampunk themed Charnel House (pictures soon).
Today I'm filet crocheting a net curtain for the glass on a door in my house.

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