Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday Feature - Diversity Hair

This week I am delighted to be able to feature Diversity Hair, for anybody who has not yet encountered them Diversity Hair is the UKs original and first All in one Alternative Hair Extensions Supply retailer.

What inspired  you to start Diversity hair in the first place?

Diversity Hair started out in 2001 making synthetic dreads and hairpieces for friends, and by 2003 was running as a business doing hair extension installs and selling hairpieces and loose dreads online.  In 2004 we decided to take the step into retail, and began planning, but as with everything in business, funding was an issue.  We started saving and planning, and took a small hiatus to do a hairdressing qualification and concentrate on that.  Fast forward to 2009 and we finally have a bit of financing ready to start up the retail side of things.  Now in 2011 we are fast growing as the number one place to go for alternative hair supplies in the UK.  

We started this business as we, as a customer of these products ourselves, were sick of having to go to so many different online stores (some abroad) to get the products we wanted/needed.  We couldnt find anyone in the UK doing a one stop shop and so decided to take the steps to provide one ourselves.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite products?

I think the Jumbo braid has to be my favourite, it's particularly jazzy, as it has the best colour range of all the major brands and its texture is perfect for making synthetic dreads.  I have another favourite product, but since that is in the pipeline I cannot give that away just yet ;)

What is it makes you different to all of the other Alternative hair care suppliers?

Well, the difference was simply that I was the only one in the UK, but as with everything, a good idea will be jumped upon and replicated, and this is no different.  I see others trying to replicate what we are doing, but we can only continue to be the best we can be and be ahead of the game and that will set us apart from the rest.  Plus being a fully qualified hairdresser, hair extensionist and accredited Prostyles Ltd hair extensions trainer, I have the knowledge of our products and advice to pass onto the customer, which hopefully makes it more personnal.

We also, very much support alternative hair extensionists and dreadmakers and promote them where possible.

You also work alongside Fresh Tendrils hair design, can you tell us about how that came about?

Tea, of Fresh Tendrils is a good friend, and having done some market stalls with her and her jewellery and adornments line (Sacre Couer), and knowing her past synthetic dread work was very good, it was an easy decision to team up with her and have her be our dreadmaker.   We work as two separate businesses, but I wanted to have someone I could recommend personnally to customers that asked for ready made dreadlocks, that i could trust to do an amazing job.  

Diversity hair's official website can be found here
And you can like their Facebook page here

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