Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- How to save Pumpkin Seeds

I suppose this week's Tuesday Tutorial is a little bit Halloween themed. This is the most popular week for Pumpkin sales, mostly from people buying them up to make Jack-O-Lanterns (although I personally prefer buying them up to make soups and muffins).
Regardless of what you bought your pumpkin for you can use the seeds rather than tossing them.

Pumpkin seeds, as anybody who has ever carved up a pumpkin are part of "that gross slimy bit" in the centre, usually, no matter how much you try you'll usually end up scooping at least some of the slime out with your hands, and to most people this feels pretty gross.
Unfortunately I haven't managed to find a way around that, it seems to be the only sure-fire way to make sure you get all of the gunk out, but if you put all of that gunk straight into a bowl then you can save the pumpkin seeds.
I used to just pull them individually from the gunky bit, but that was pretty vile, made a mess and took ages, then I discovered that if you put the gunk into to a bowl and then cover it with water and leave it for a couple of hours.
After a few hours have passed the orange gunk with have swelled up from all the water and it won't feel so slimy, as an added bonus a lot of the seeds will have detached from the flesh so you can just scoop up those and put those ones straight into another bowl.
To remove the rest of the seeds simply pull them from the flesh (this is an awful lot easier to do at this point and makes far less mess).
Leave the no clean seeds to dry out over night and then spread them out on a baking tray and lightly toast them for a few minutes.
So what to do with them now you have your pumpkin seeds?
Well they make a delicious addition to muffins and breads or as a quick nutty snack on their own.

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