Friday, 9 December 2011

Businessy type updates

So having put together a business plan and worked out the costings for things it turns out the start up costs for Arachnee Threads are going to be pretty huge, this is admit-idly slightly off-putting as it means I can't get full funding for it and currently I don't have anything saved up as uni pretty much wiped out all of my savings.

However this is what I WANT to do, I studied for a role in the Textile Industry and so I'm not about to give up without a fight.
So I needed to get a decent job, I say needed in past tense because I decided getting full time work was a priority around a fortnight ago, and given that people have pitched tents in Newcastle centre because there are apparently no jobs I hadn't held much hope for finding one so quickly.

HOWEVER I applied for a marketing job, and after the first interview on Wednesday I was invited back for a second interview/training afternoon yesterday and afterwards was given the job!

So it'll be hard work and pretty long hours BUT I'll be able to save some money together to get started with Arachnee Threads, it'll just take me a little longer than originally anticipated to get started.

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