Thursday, 15 December 2011

I hit my first target!

Yesterday I made my first sale! Woohoo! I had a lady who walks dogs for a living (she had a house full of them and they were so fun, there was an Alsation, Akita, Chihuahua and a Westie), adopt a Penguin for her little girl.

And you know the weird thing, it's great that obviously I get my bit of money for that, but I feel really happy about them adopting a Penguin more because I know that the charity will be making at least six times what I was paid and they can really help out those Penguins with that and I feel happy that the little girl gets to say at school that she has a Penguin and I know she's going to learn a lot from the letters and updates they'll get.
I know it sounds kind of corny, but getting paid feels like a secondary thing to me, I really didn't think it would , but it does and that feel awesome to me...I guess I am a nice person after all :)

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