Monday, 2 January 2012

25 things I like about myself

Picture of me being creeped on by Slenderman by Nancy from /x/

1. My open-mindedness
2. My constant want to learn new things.
3. My hair :)
4. My fantastic taste in men and women ;)
5.  My will power
6. My friendliness. I know it's hard to see if you're a friendly person or not, but I have awesome friends therefore I can't be that bad :)
7. My sense of style.
8. My legs
9. My taste-buds Mmmmmmm foodz!
10. My blue eyes
11.  I would never have said this a few years back, but my emotions.
12. My pale skin
13. My dreams
14. My tattoo
15. My appreciation of colours.
16.  My health.
17. My genetics
18. My creativity
19. My ability to walk in super high heels!
20. My conscience
21. My attitude
22. My work ethic
23. My brilliant luck!
24. My strength of character
25. My smile.

Wow that was so much harder than I thought it would be 0_o
Anyhow so far today I had a kiwi fruit for breakfast (I forgot how yummy they are!) and hummus and veggies for lunch.
Before I decided to include more raw foods in my diet I would usually have a hummus sandwich for lunch, I think that hummus and dippable veg (or Crudités as I have learned is the correct name for them) may become my staple lunch (although hopefully I will experiment more and not just have the same thing every day), there are so many different dips to try!
Also just a heads up, there will probably be an increase of photos of delicious food in the near future while I play about with yummy raw things!

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