Monday, 16 January 2012

Confessions of a Goth Queen...

Don't tell a soul!

I got the idea for this post from The Phantom Cat's Otherworld

I have many hobbies, none that I'd embarrassed of per-say but a few that are perhaps a little unexpected ;)

I was just going to post a picture of Ronan, but then I found this on photobucket and it was to hilariously tacky not to share!

1. I still remain faithful to my first (musical) love!
I am quite happy to go see Boyzone whenever they tour, last time I didn't even bother disguising myself as a none-goth ;)
I even sang and danced along in full floor brushing black velvet...Shocking I know!

2. I still aspire to be like Sailor Moon (hey I got the clumsy part, the sarcastic cat, dishy boyfriend...All I need  now if my very own Moon Kingdom and I'm set! Lets not bother with the pink-haired bratling though ;) )

3. Some of my favourite bands are METAL!

4. I sometimes do none-goth nail art 0_o (no that's not my hand)

5. I really love the Hime Gyaru style...Even though it'as like "The Anti-Goth" or something...LOL

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