Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How could you leave me when I needed to possess you?

Just stand in this graveyard and channel Kate Bush for a while...

So I did a little bit of a mini graveyard photoshoot, I like graveyards and I think so long as you are respectful (ie: don't climb across the headstone or walk across the plots) then they can be lovely backdrops for photographs, after all some of the huge fancy stones are the ultimate fashion accessory for the eternally vain (at one point fancy gravestones were used to show how wealthy the people buried underneath them were).

I'm so sad this one went blurry :(

Most of the stones in this graveyard are from the Victorian era, so morbidly beautiful stonework fills the grounds, it's quite sad to me that so much of it has become overgrown and un-cared for over the years.

It was a little breezy when we took this one!

Not far from where we took this photo lies the toppled headstone of a local historical figure. I find it quite upsetting that nobody would pay to have it set upright again.

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