Monday, 27 February 2012

The London Trip at the Weekend

Upstairs bar in Slimelight

On Saturday Kev and I went on the loooooooong train ride of doom to London (the train ride is so boring, but ho-hum, worth it in the end :) )
We expected to get totally lost in King's Cross because it turns out our printer hate google maps, but we managed to find the Bed and Breakfast quite quickly (we stayed in the Swinton Hotel, not the best place I've ever stayed in, but it was pretty good value for just one night).
I put my face on (lol) and then off we went to find food and then head to Slimelight.
Best Falafel in England

It turns out we were just around the corner from the place with the great Falafel and the rip off Star Wars sign so we got noms there :D
Aaaaaaaaaaaand then...Promptly got lost by turning off two streets early 0_o
Still we managed to make it into the general area with time to spare, so went for a pint in Weatherspoons...Where I managed to get lost again in the rabbit warren they call the toilets 0_o
The doors were a little late opening at Slimelight, but it was ok, it was quite a nice night, no rain.
We headed off to get drinkies when we got inside.

and passed this on the way, turns out it really is a Facebook Group!

I didn't take photos of any of the bands (because my camera is crap at gig photos and Kev takes better pictures than me because he's had more practice), but I will see if Kev will let me use some of his picture on here when he gets them uploaded.
I didn't think at first I was going to like the first band, Release the Bats, but I ended up quite enjoying them.
They have kind of a horror punk sort of sound.
Missed most of Last July because we were to busy nattering with people in the bar area, but what I did see of them they seem to have improved since I last saw them in Whitby in 2010, they're also a three piece now (last time I saw them there was only two of them).
I quite enjoyed Cryogenica, although they did suffer a little from technical faults they recovered well (though I di remember saying during one pause "If this was the north they'd be doing the Macerena by now").
Beauty of Gemina were awesome, so I'm even more gutted I ended up missing most of their set at Mera Luna (my bag was being searched at the time 0.o)
Afterwards Kev interviewed Michael (which I will link to when it goes up online), who is really nice (and I had a brief conversation about Vivienne Westwood with as he'd been wearing a Vivienne Westwood jacket onstage and I had been drooling over how well made it was...Yeah I'm a tailoring nerd).
So all in all I had a fabulous night (and I'm sorry there aren't more pictures).

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