Thursday, 9 February 2012

The strange things that people look for...

My Face When...

One of the things I like about using the blogger/blogspot platform to blog with is that I get to use the really helpful analytic feature to see how people found my blog.
Mostly this works out just as expected, people often come through the link on the EGL Lolita bloglist, or through The Midnight Ballroom's blogroll or quite a lot of people get here by googling a craft that I've covered in a Tuesday Tutorial.

Every so often though I'll spot something very odd 0_____o
In the past week alone people have found me by googling "Louise Brooks naked", "Louise Brooks Vintage Ass" and (now this one is extra special) "half eaten lettuce".
Seriously people?

Previously I've also had people find my blog by googling "Old French Whore" (which lead them to an entry where I called Stirfry a camwhore for getting into all of my photos 0_o), "Gothic Sluts" (which gave them a none Goth entry about Slutwalk) and "Siouxsie Sioux sex tape" (which gave them an entry where I talked about Siouxsie and The Sex Pistols).

So readers, what is the strangest search result that has brought someone to your blog?


1.) Favorite male character? Why? 

I can't choose between Glenn and Daryl, they're the only two male characters I don't want to beat around the head with a shovel.

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