Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stuff and nonsense...

I will explain Hardcore Walrus in a moment...

As I said in my last post I haven't been very well this week, so I apologise profusely for my lack of entries this week. I've been wanting to post but I keep having spates of time where I've felt to weak to move, or then when I have been able to move I've not been able to focus on anything :/

I am feeling a lot better today thankfully so you needn't panic, but I am still a little tender.

Ruined house in the dark (don't worry about the two odd lines, it's the reflective strips on a bin...Also I think most of the lights on that photo are from The Bridge Inn)

On Thursday some friends and I had arranged to walk around all of the haunted places in Newcastle in the dark, as it had been pre-arranged and I'd really wanted to do it, I still went, although in retrospect I think it might have agitated my pains walking around in the cold night.

Facebook's facial recognition thing tried to say there was a face in that one, I think it was just screwing up (every time someone takes a photo of me in my skulls JSK it tries to get me to tag all of the skulls as people), but still if anybody CAN see a face on it do let me know.

I took a fair few photos, but I don't see anything on mine out of the ordinary. We had a few things happen on the night (there was a placed we went where a light went off when we went in but when we walked away it went on again and stayed on the whole time we could see it, which was 20-30 minutes...I guess this might not be Paranormal but it was odd to say the least),  also my friend was pushed down some stairs 0.0

Ruined well...Samara not included...

Included because this made me giggle...

Part of the castle itself

My mam says she can see some things on his one, but I don't, let me know if you do :)

While this came out way darker than it should, strangely I find it quite pretty.

On Friday I felt like death warmed up :(
I had planned on meeting Kev after work and then going to Hellfire, but I felt so bad I initially decided not to go out at all.
However I had to go give my mam her camera back, so I ended up thinking that I would go give my mam her camera back, meet Kev, grab food, go to Hellfire for a while and then come home if I still felt bad.
That was the theory anyway...I got all wrapped up in my giant coat, hat, scarf, misfits-esque gloves aaaaaaaaaaaand discovered my front door had swelled up because of the cold weather and no matter how much I pulled (pulling the muscles in my arms and twisting my back in the process), I was trapped in my own home *FACEPALM OF THE CENTURY*

Given that I live on the fourth floor and my bottom is HUGE I couldn't really climb out of a window so I had to call Tia to come save me...
She may revel in the fact she gets to say she kicked my door down FOREVER!

As a reward for saving my fat ass, I let her drive me to my mam's house and play with the puppy, I am such a generous person sometimes :D

After that I went to meet Kev, we had dinner in Pani's Cafe, which is this super cool little Italian place...Seriously if you're ever in the area EAT THERE IT'S DELICIOUS!
Then we headed to to Hellfire. I was just to icky to really enjoy the night which is a shame :( I sat in the corner for most of the night snapping at some girl who kept treating the request list like gospel (pro-tip: a request list is a list of suggestions of things you would lie to hear...Just because you write it down doesn't mean it WILL be played, if you CANNOT GET THROUGH THE NIGHT WITHOUT HEARING THAT SONG then find a bar with a jukebox...Also you will not maximise your chances of getting your song played by A: Requesting music not on the music policy...Hello this is a rock night... B: Calling the DJ's girlfriend's bitches because they tell you how to make a request rather than removing whoever is DJing at that moment's headphones and hauling them over so you can tell them you want to listen to your song RIGHT AT THIS INSTANT!)
Oh yeah before I forget, someone drew Hardcore Walrus for James because it was his birthday :)

I can do Milkmaid braids now HUZAHH!

Yesterday I was in so much pain it was ridiculous :(  But it was the first Charnel House  of the new year so I hoppped myself up on painkillers and brought out the make-up trowel in a vauge attempt to look human (I've not seen any photos and these photos of my hair are from before I was ready so I don't know if I succeeded).
I had a great night, I just wish I'd been in a bit less pain for most of it...BAH!

(back and top of my hair)

Hopefully given that I feel better today that means the worst is over and I can go back to being well again :)

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