Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Feature - Forever in Black nails

Reviews are my honest opinions 100% of the time, I point out both positive and negative aspects of the product. All of my reviews are based on personal opinions and experiences.

Described as "The Darker Side of Nails"  and aimed at those of us who are between manicures I was interested to try these nails.
It is no secret that I have previously not had the best of experiences with false nails, I tend to find the ones that stick on with a kind of sticker "ping" straight off again and acrylic nail glue left my nails in a terrible state, so I was quite sceptical of these.

The nails come in three colours, Purple, Black or Red, and the set includes 24 nails (two of each size), so that you can have the perfect fit, they are fixed in place with nail stickers, which as I say I was initially a little dubious of , and there are enough stickers to wear the nails twice.

Inside the outer layer of packaging the nails themselves are in a small resealable packet so that you don't loose them, and the stickers are on one square of backing paper.

I found that the easiest way to work the little sticker thingys as to stick them to the back of the nail, firmly run a finger across the back before scratching at a corner of the backing and then lifting it (if you have no nails at all you may need help with that), do that for them ALL before putting them on because if you do them one at a time, as I found it starts getting a little awkward to peel them when you have a few left 0.o

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how strong the hold is on these nails, while I don't think they'd last all week, I do think you'd certainly manage a night out without one pinging off into your drink.
They're comfortable once you have them on and so long as you don't plan on typing they are very stable, they also look very nice too and at £2.99 I don't think they can really be beaten on price.
The only negative I can really find is that some of the nails are a little uneven on the top edge but this can be solved with a nail file.

Forever in Black Collection nails can be bought online from Forever In Black or in person from one of the various events Forever in Black attend.

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