Tuesday, 27 March 2012


So I've been doing a little bit of research into Gravestones for some artworks I'm working on and it's pretty fascinating stuff.
I've mostly been looking into the symbology of Scottish stones (Scottish Gravestones are really pretty in my opinion).

Scottish gravestones (particurly the ones from the 1700's) are often covered in carved symbols, sometimes skulls and crossed bones (often mistaken for symbols of piracy, when on gravestones these represent mortality), tools of the deceased's trade when they were living (horseshoes, anvils, farming tools etc), symbols to ward off curses and hexes (Garlic flowers, stars and hearts), amongst others.

I'm most interested in the reminders that life is short (the winged hourglass - literally meaning "time flies", "Memento Mori" - Remember we must die, and trees) are the ones I am most interested in for the artwork I have planned.

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