Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I interrupt our usual posts for this

I know you're all trying to be good people and do good things and all but I really think if you're getting behind the Kony2012 campaign you really aught to click the above link and read it.

"The group is in favour of direct military intervention, and their money supports the Ugandan government’s army and various other military forces. Here’s a photo of the founders of Invisible Children posing with weapons and personnel of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Both the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are riddled with accusations of rape and looting, but Invisible Children defends them,arguing that the Ugandan army is “better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries”, although Kony is no longer active in Uganda and hasn’t been since 2006 by their own admission. These books each refer to the rape and sexual assault that are perennial issues with the UPDF, the military group Invisible Children is defending."

edit: For those of you wanting to help out with the very real crisises going on in The Sudan please consider donating MERLIN who put medical experts on the front line.

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