Friday, 30 March 2012

Project perfect

Every woman/girl deserves acceptance, and we do not get enough of it in society, so why not get it from each other? How are girls every going to learn being jealous of each other is not okay? Talking bad about each other, starting fights, judging other girls, holding them up to unlivable standards that men have held us up to.. are not okay. Sometimes you need to look past whatever messed up characteristics that make us all human being and remember everybody needs support to do better in their own personal lives.. because once you know better you do better. 
-Jessica Inezh Davis

I am a woman who likes to dress up, I am all about my make-up and hairspray and fancy clothes.
It's in those fancy clothes that I feel most judged, in the Lolita scene, no matter how much we try and deny it or pretend it doesn't happen there is judging, and a lot elitism.
I'm not saying that everybody does that, but there is always that element.
The worst part of this in my opinion is that it is women judging and "bitching" about other women based on their appearance, don't you think it's bad enough that we have to face being judged by men all the time without buying into a culture of judging ourselves?
It happens to almost all of us, no matter which fashions we wear, I have personally been told I should be dead because of how I dress, seriously someone honestly thought that because they personally didn't like how I dress that I should be dead.

Enough is enough, it's time for us all to dress how we want to dress, look how we want to look and not judge other people on our own standards, in fact not judge people on appearance at all.
As I said in yesterday's post, it is RIDICULOUS to assume people will act a certain way based on how they look, I'm not perfect, I do it myself from time to time so this isn't me looking down on people and saying "You need to change" it's me looking at everybody on the same level and saying "WE need to change".

My first step is to take part in Project Perfect.
I couldn't take part in this yesterday, I didn't know about it until this morning but basically the idea is that everybody looked the same we couldn't judge each other on appearances.
So Project Perfect encourages women to take a photo of themselves wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants (I don't own any sweat pants so one of my lazy day skirts will have to do), and no make up or accessories looking as natural as possible (obviously it's impossible for those of us with funny coloured hair, tattoos or other body mods to be completely natural, but we can get as close as we can) and post it to our blogs/Facebook/whatever we use.

So that's me at my most make-up free (I did have "perfect" written on my arm like the event invite asks you to but it didn't show up to well).
You can find out more about project perfect here

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