Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Delain last Sunday :)

photos by Kev36663

On Sunday Kev and I headed to Sheffield to see Delain (and so that Kev could interview Charlotte).

I'd never been to Sheffield before (except for a fleeting visit when I had a connecting train on the way back from Nottingham I think it was), it's a very interesting city from an artsy standpoint, lots of creepy old buildings (former steelworks) and cool graffiti (I'm not sure what is is up with "stern looking raindrop" but it seems to be everywhere!).

We missed the very first band on, but caught most of Trillium.
They weren't really my cup of tea but Kev enjoyed them :)

Delain themselves were pretty awesome, they played a lot of material from their new album which despite previous kerfuffle (they are on the Roadrunner label who are shutting down soon so there was a bit of fuss over if it was going to come out or not) is actually coming out soon :D

I got a photo with Charlotte (who is really nice and said she liked my hair :D)

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