Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday Feature: The Halo Initiative

I recently found out about The Halo Initiative when I was sent a box full of tampons and pantyliners from Buzz Agent to test, unfortunately I still haven't been able to test them yet (yay for being irregular 0.o) so I thought I'd talk a little about some of the great things Halo do as a company.

Halo is unique amongst today's manufacturers of feminine hygiene products in that 15p from every pack sold goes towards women's health charities ( and looking at the prices of Halo products this doesn't seem to mean that everything cost 15p more than competing brands, if anything they seem to be cheaper than some of the brands I have used in the past).

Of that 15p none of it goes into admin costs, so you can rest safe in the Knowledge that your money is going where it's most needed, supporting the work of Ovarian and Gynaecological Cancer charities, many of whom seem not to get the recognition they deserve (ladies, our ovaries are just as, if not more important than our breasts), Newborn and Mental Health charities and charities dealing with victims of Domestic Violence.
So while I haven't yet been able to test the products I do think that this is an amazing company worthy of people's support.

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