Monday, 21 May 2012

The Story of my hair (500th post woohoo!)

Me way back in 2009

It' now over three years since my charity head shave (I partially covered why I did it in this post although I didn't mention that another contributing factor to my shaving all of my hair off was that I had just got out of a bad relationship with someone who tried to control me...One of his things was that he told me never to cut my hair and this was my great big "FUCK YOU!" back at him, though the charity stuff was what inspired the had shave in the first place).

June 2009, my first photo with Kev :)

I still don't regret it one bit (although I can't really see myself doing it again), it was quite an experience to feel the wind against my scalp.

October 2009 (with Kev again)

December 2009

Early in 2010 I bought some fake dreads from The Cute Alternative after hounding Charleen from Uberbyte as to where she got hers from...Hey look it's Kev again! (I didn't think there were so many photos of us together!)

By May 2010 it was nice bob length (with Francesca from The Lovecrave)

In June I was able to attempt a Hime Bump for the very first time!

By October 2010 it had reached my shoulders!

In December Queenie back-combed it MASSIVE for the Forever in Black fashion show!

March 2011 I had enough hair to Dutch braid! Also I dyed it red with Henna. With Kev, Craig, Queenie's skirt! And Klockwork Monsta's torso!

In May I got my Hime cut and fringe (bangs). With my friend The Captain, who is a bit of a Pirate!

Back-combed even bigger in June 2011 for the Forever in Black accessories shoot!

By July it was past my shoulders and starting to pick up a bit of a curl. With Gary Numan.

And by December even my braids were past my shoulders!

In February 2012 I back-combed again...My word! Huge hair is HUGE!!!

I lightened my hair in March

And then a few weeks later accidently dyed it green!

In Whitby in April I tried crimping (photo by Paul M Baxter)

And this is the most recent good photo of my hair :D

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