Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: May Monster Madness Bonus Make-up post

I had originally planned on posting this during May Monster Madness but I ended up with Whitby Lurgy...Not a good look...

So in case you hadn't guessed from the picture at the top of post today I will be showing you do the fairy make-up I wore with my fairy costume for Manic Monday.

Start with the obvious first step: Clean your face and then add your base and foundation. I use Illamasqua PF140

It's important to apply the eye shadow with a blending brush rather than a foam applicator because it will look a lot better. If you use a foam applicator the powder will just sit on your skin and look strange. Apply the bright green eyeshadow (I used the brightest green from the Sleek Acid palette) to the entire eye area and across the top of the nose. Don't forget to blend outwards so there are no harsh lines.
Use the darker green (I used the Olive colour from the Sleek Acid palette) across the lid, again blend the edges so there are no harsh lines.

Depending on what kind gold shadow you use either use the applicator tip (I used *shade* that can be used like an eyeliner) or an eyeliner brush to get a nice line under the eye.

All that's left is to take your blue glitter liner and create outlining dots around the green shadow.
For the lips you may choose to use a nude lip colour or forego that completely and just add a sweep of lip balm. Don't be tempted by heavy colour as this look is about the eyes not the lips.
Finish the look with crimped (or if you're worried about heat damage try one of the braided elf styles from Lord of the Rings) hair and pale blue feather lashes.
If you don't have or can't find feather lashes there is a great tutorial on how to make your own here:

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