Thursday, 3 May 2012

Whitby April 2012: Freaky Friday

It's my birthday and I'll look ridiculous if I want to!

My birthday was on the 25th, but I didn't get time to celebrate it so instead I decided Freaky Friday at The Met  would be a great place to have some birthday funtimes!

Given the "adult kids party" theme I decided I needed a tacky plastic tiara, but I was working at the Forever in Black stall all day, so I had to find two willing volunteers so sent Kev and Abraxas to search Poundland for something appropriately bad!

 The night began with music before moving on to party games:

Gothic Bingo (which was more like innuendo bingo lol)
Pass the parcel with adult prizes (ooooh errr!)
Elderitch Statues (I am NOT looking forward to those pictures!)
Cock Fighting (possibly NSFW video ahead if your place of work hates inflatable nudity, you might want to mute it if you do watch because my laughter sounds terribad)

I had great fun :)
Afterwards Kev and I had a nightcap in the Little Angel  and then pizza before heading back to the flat :)

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