Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Whitby Wouldn't be Whitby without a bit of Drama!

The view from our holiday flat window 0.o

So on Thursday Kev and I were sitting on a train playing Mario Kart, on our way to Whitby for the weekend when Kev's phone rang:

"We can't get in the flat...There's been a murder"

Wait what? 0.o

By the time we got there things were a little more clear, it turned out the murder wasn't in our flat but the flat next door, the place was swarming with Scene of Crime Officers (Socos, our version of CSIs), Police tape EVERYWHERE.

It turned out we could get into the flat but because it was on the inside of the crime scene tape we had to sign in and out with a Police Officer at the door every time we came or left, which seemed like a bit of a pain at first but we understood why it had to be done and the Police were all very nice to us.

When we did eventually get inside and put our bags down Monsta had a look on her phone to see if there was any news online on what had happened.

The initial reports didn't mention the suspect or another murder just that the Police were referring to it as "Operation Bulb"at which point Ghost (who studied as a Forensics Artist at university) pointed out that murders aren't usually given operation names unless they're part of organised crime (ie: drugs, gangs) or it's a serial killer...

Police Tape. The media were off to the right hand side.

Of course it was then revealed that there was a suspect and that it might be connected to a murder the previous day in Middlesbrough and I started to feel a little paranoid about the attic hatch 0.o (anybody ever read The Magician's Nephew? The houses Diggory and Polly are in are part of a Victorian terrace and all of the attics are connected)
Every little noise that night really freaked me out even though I knew we were staying in the safest place really (surrounded by Police).

ITN, Sky and the BBC had news vans parked outside recording live, so we were likely on the news at some point (I must admit I had an attack of vanity in the morning and did my hair before leaving the house rather than once the stall at the Met was all set up because I didn't want to possibly be on Sky news with a bird-nest on my head), I know the top of mine and Monsta's heads and Kev's arm were visible on BBC's 10 O'Clock news because we decided to see how long the delay was from us doing something to it appearing on the TV (30 seconds it turns out) so we opened and shut the curtains.

The following day it was announced that the suspect had apparently booked into a hotel in Scarborough for two nights, but only stayed one, and it was rumoured that he'd been spotted cycling all over the place 0.o

Thankfully he was arrested on Sunday:

So yeah...That was pretty awful :/
Didn't dent my weekend though.

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