Friday, 29 June 2012

Down the river there's a ship will carry the dream

my building when I got home last night!

Yesterday we had three months worth of rain in less than three hours!
I was sitting at my mam's house with my grandma, my mam and dad were out getting Star back from the vets after her operation (neutering), when the black clouds suddenly began to roll in.

"Looks like rain I mused"

In rolled the thunder and some spectacular lightning, didn't realise it at the time but it hit the Tyne Bridge:

Oh Em Gee!

Just as my parents got back (around 3pm) the rain started (it was like something out of Lost I swear, there was nothing and then SUDDENLY EXTREMELY HEAVY RAIN!), poor Star had a giant cone on her head to stop her getting at her stitches so she had to be towel dried.

Every now and then the rain eased a little but then started again stupidly heavy, by 5 (which is when I was due to go home) it looked pretty clear it wasn't stopping any time soon so I texted Kev to let him know I was staying at my mam's until the rain stopped or eased off a bit, only to get a text back saying that it had taken him 45 minutes to do what was usually a ten minute journey because near where he was working was flooded, the metros (our subway system) had all stopped because a lot of them were flooding they weren't being replaced with buses and a lot of the buses were off anyway.

Airport metro station

About half an hour later I got a text to say he'd managed to make it to Gateshead and onto a 56 bus which would go past the top of my mam's road, so I went out to get that bus.
Now usually it takes around 15-20 minutes for the 56 to make it from Gateshead to the top of my mam's street but the traffic was an absolute NIGHTMARE in both directions.
Half an hour after I got to the bus stop a guy in a suit walked past who said he'd walked from the centre of Newcastle and was heading to Sunderland (this is about a 10 mile journey) because he'd seen the metros were off, took one look at the roads and realised it would be quicker to walk.
About 45 minutes later and the bus Kev was on pulled up, there were so many people on it that for most of the journey I was squashed up at the front of the bus!

Not on my bus route but I saw this when I got home

As we went through Springwell village (which I have never seen flooded before) parts of it resembled a White Water Rafting Centre 0.o
When we finally got home I took the photo at the top of the page and a couple of our car park:

It's a bit scary that this is Washington where it "wasn't so bad"

Once I got on Facebook it was like "WALL O' FLOOD!" with everybody posting their photos and videos, our local subreddits were similar, I mean how scary is this photo from Heworth (which is where my nearest Metro Station is).

I have to admit I did giggle profusely at this...I think the bins are heading south for the summer...

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