Saturday, 23 June 2012

Euphemia de Lulli

I tried to go for an outfit that combined both Japanese and British influences. I wear Lolita and styles inspired by Lolita a lot so I chose to wear a JSK my friend made for me and a blouse that is inspired by European Georgian (Rococo) style.
My hair is more inspired by Traditional Japanese themes, I looked at big Geisha hairstyles for inspiration and included a pair of chopsticks as a hair accessory.

The name Euphemia de Lulli is taken from the composer of the piano waltz “Chopsticks” Euphemia Allen who composed the piece under the writing name of Arthur de Lulli.

My favourite part is the big hair…I really like big hairstyles now that I have long hair, and I really like the big hairstyles of Geisha!

This is my entry into the Akira x Kawaii.i facebook contest, if you want to vote for me you can do so here but you need to add an app to vote so I don't mind a huge amount if you aren't ok with that :)

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