Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday Feature: Infectontor 2

A few days ago I was kind of bored and decided I wanted to play a game. I don't play that many non-facebook games these days but I decided to give Infectonator 2 a go because it looked like fun.

The main set up of the game is to infect the entire world with the Zombie Plague, this is not a new concept, various games have done it before, but Infectonator 2 is unique in how you go about it.

Initially you only have the virus itself, but as the levels go on, city by city you can unlock new zombies (I'm a big fan of the Michael Jackson Zombie and his squad of dancers who cause an 8bit Thriller epidemic when summoned), new weapons and make your virus stronger, faster and more powerful.

This game is not a walk in the park though, some countries put up more resistance than other, some of them even have heroes of their own to right royally screw up your plans of a corpse-ier world.

 All in all it's a very fun game, and kept me well and truly entertained.

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