Sunday, 3 June 2012

Glasgow Necropolis last weekend :)

All photos in this post by Queenie, the rest are here

Last Saturday, in the boiling hot sunshine several Goths piled into a dark coloured car and were roasted alive on a trip up to Glasgow that involved a very strange game of "I Spy", stinking out the car with garlic hummus and much hysteria over the differences between cows and horses!

When we got there one of the things we did was to visit Glasgow Necropolis, and I think I am in love.

Time Flies

Glasgow Necropolis is HUGE, and the stones are so pretty, lots of beautiful motifs in the stonework (all of my favourite graveyards are in Scotland because of the amazing amount of detail that goes into Scottish stones).

This is THE BIGGEST mausoleum I have ever seen!

While there Queenie also took some photos of my new JSK she made as a custom order for me.
It has Urban Threads Dark Fairytale embroideries on it :)

I will try to take some close up photos of the embroidered bits some time this week :)

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