Saturday, 16 June 2012

Guest Posts

So as you're all probably aware I vanish sometimes for a whole week, and during those times I don't post at all or as much, and there's a point coming up in a few months time where I could be gone for a whole fortnight so I want to try and have other people write guest posts in my absence.

So here's the deal I want to trial this for a little while, I sometimes miss posting one day a week when I'm visiting my family and so I want to have guest posts on those days if anybody is interested in guest posting.

Here are some ideas of things that I would consider being fitting posts for this blog:

Hairstyle tutorials - This is something I haven't yet myself done, but as hairstyles are starting to become a bit of a theme around here a guest tutorial or two would be great (plus I could try them out myself in the next post I do!).

Alternative Fashion Posts - This could be anything from a piece on a runway show you liked that seemed quite alt (Punk, Goth, Lolita etc etc etc), tips on how to coordinate items into the perfect outfit, your own fashion shoot (please no self timer/webcam outfit shots...I tried that for a few posts and looked derptacular...We're trying to avoid derp at all costs now), or even some kind of alternative street snap!

Alt crafting tutorials - I know I've slipped a little with the tutorials lately, I must get back into the routine of post those more often...Anyway, do you have a craft you want to show us how to do? Can you crochet a cobweb? Bake bat bread? Make a top hat out of a tin? Show us some Goth crafts (or Lolita, Punk, etc)

The Gothic Home Guide - How do you add a little bit of deathly gloom to your every day life? How about a house tour? (I've been meaning to do a "Cribs" style post about my hose for a while now but we keep having things break on us meaning I keep having to pile stuff up all over the place and we're never really in any fit state for pictures :( ).

If you have other ideas that don't fit into those categories don't hesitate to get in touch with your ideas.
Not only will this be great for me because it means my blog with almost always be active, I want it to be great for the guest posters too and so every guest post will have a link back to the poster's blog at the top of the page with their name or username and you can have a maximum of four links at the bottom of the post too (for example: Blog link, Tumblr, Facebook Fanpage, Twitter).

I hope this interests some people :)
To apply to be a guest poster hit me up at with "Guest Post" in the subject line and we can talk :)

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