Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Here are the rules!:
-Link the person who awarded you
-Post the Kreativ Blogger image to your blog
-Post 7 random things about you
-Award 10 other deserving bloggers

Seven things:

1. I'm pretty scared of heights, which is weird since I'm pretty tall!

2. I am literally a crazy cat lady, anybody who has me on Facebook too has probably seen my "Wall 'O Kitties"!

3. I have an idea of perfection in my head that's very different to most people's idea of perfection, I strive to be that.

4. I love middle eastern food.

5. I am an un-ashamed Feminist.

6. I wash my hair with Lush's Gentile Lentil Shampoo bar...It's a bit annoying that you can only get it online now and have to pay a fortune in postage but I tried other things and they just don't work as well as Gentile Lentil does :/

7. My current hair goal is waist length (and yes I will still keep it an odd colour! :D ), but I am pretty sure that once it gets that long I will want it to be longer!

10 other deserving bloggers:

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