Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday Feature - Maybelline Dream Fresh 8 in 1 BB Cream

Sample pack before I used any of it. I was testing the palest shade.

Looks ok on my hand

Not so ok on my face, it't the same issue I have with most foundations...To dark (seriously the only people that do Foundation that is pale enough for me are Illamasqua and Mac)

There's been a lot of hype about BB creams lately so I was looking forward to trying this.

It promised to even up my skin tone in a none greasy way.
They were right that it was none greasy it felt really waxy instead which was weird.
I don't really think it evened up my skin tone though.
It didn't feel very nice on my skin at all, I really don't think it suited my skin type, and felt a lot like a really naff tinted moisturiser.

So glad it was a freebie because I wouldn't pay for this.

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