Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Korea Promotes Itself to The World Best Through Starcraft and Hallyu

What is hallyu? 
It’s a desire to express what Korea has to offer the best at this moment, not just for the Asian fashion market, but for the entire world. It’s a movement to bring forth a clear, young idea that many other people will catch on to. And it expresses itself best when it comes to fashion beauty and hairstyle. It has created a market for Korean fashion, to be a provider of products and of merchandise in Asia, but also in other parts of the world.

The fact is, Korean movies and korean stars are making shows with big ratings around the world.  When a viewer is watching some of these shows, they see how the actors look and the clothes of the characters,so they want to be dressed just like that. This in turn, created a great demand for Korean fashion who has grown a lot in the last 5 years, turning Seoul into one of the capital sought out for innovation in the Asian fashion market.

But when we talk about hallyu its not just about shows, it’s also about how everyday people look. Koreans today are having the courage to dress how they like and this in turn is inspiring other individuals around the world, and especially in the Asian fashion market to be themselves.

One of the biggest followers of this trend called hallyu is Japan. If we are talking about clothes, make-up style or design, Japanese young people are using Korean products to make themselves look and be just as they want. An entire industry of fashion websites of shops and retailers has appeared, and is thriving because of the fact that many people desire to be unique and hallyu is helping them to do that.

Also hallyu is propelled by really good Korean fashion designers who have managed to create beautiful collections presented in all the major fashion stages of the world. These kinds of appearances of people like Doo-Ri Chung in New York, where he presented his new line of clothes, didn’t happen 10 years ago.
From a Korean point of view hallyu has helped the country grow immensely regarding its financial status. But more than that it helped put Korean fashion on the market. People are looking forward to what will be produced furthere by halllyu, and desiring to be involved in it.

It’s an example of how a country can promote itself through its brand, in this case a Korean fashion brand. It’s something that other countries could follow in making great products, presenting them to the world, and then building on the success.

Hallyu in Asian fashion has left its mark, and who knows maybe it will continue to do so in the future.
Hallyu is a national Korean fashion strategy that not only has taken over the Asian fashion market, but its aiming to be something nobody in the world can ignore.

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