Monday, 16 July 2012

Ladies in Black Theme Post: Inspired by a Song

This doesn't look that complicated to say looking at it head on and not seeing the sides...

Yes that's right today you get two hair posts, this one could even be considered a tutorial, but I wouldn't recommend trying it out unless you have a good knowledge of braiding and 9000 fingers.
The song I chose for this time's Ladies in Black theme post is Apoptygma Berzerk's In This Together, because it came up on shuffle on my ipod a few days back and I've not been able to get it out of my head since and because the lyrics "To alike yet far apart" and "You and me, one on one forever" made me think "Ooooooh lets do something with a couple of different kinds of braids!"

Warning, the following contains many derpy facial expression, proceed at your own caution.

First of all divide your hair in half, you will need to do each of the braiding steps on each half to make "braidy bunches" (please forgive the pun). 
Next take a section from the front.

Start a regular English braid but only do two or three turns, it doesn't matter if your braid is slightly un-even, it adds character.

then bring in another section.

make a four strand braid for a couple of turns.

Add in one more section

Use it to make a five strand braid until the end of your hair (now you see why I said you need a lot of fingers for this?)

Finished braid

Next take two small sections and rope braid them

Take three sections

combine with the rope braid to make a four stranded braid (counting the rope braid as one strand)

Finished braid

Finally take the remaining hair from that half and combine with the two braids to make a giant English braid

Finished braid

Repeat on the other side and then realise that you've been pulling derpy faces for the last 45 minutes so make some silly faces instead!



Finally fold the braids onto the top of your head and pin them, use a pretty clip to hide and of the ties that you can't hide pinning.

From the side

Other side

Braid detail


All that remains now is to keep calm and listen to Apop!

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