Sunday, 22 July 2012

Northern Pride 2012

Obligatory photo of people's backs!

No amount of crazy could stop me getting to this year's Pride march yesterday, first my alarm didn't go off, but it was ok because I woke up two hours before it was due to go off anyway, then my bus didn't show up, but it was ok because I got into town with 10 minutes left to sprint across Newcastle and The Gothsicles blaring in my ears!

Seriously best music to run to ever? I THINK SO!

But finally I made it! Huzzah! And found Gavin amazingly quickly! (I spent most of last year's event trying to find him and never did :/ ).
The march itself was the biggest I'd seen it be (someone told me there were 15,000 people this year...I remember the first march four years ago and there were only a few hundred!), and it got re-routed from Leaze's Park to Exhibition park this year because of the rain over the last few weeks.
The weather yesterday was brilliant sunshine (I think it's the first march that hasn't been rained on), but I much preferred Exhibition park, it's much bigger and felt nicer than Leaze's.

I told this man I'd put his name next to this photo but I forgot his name :/ If anybody knows please let me know so I can put his name here.

Fairground rides :)

The Pimms Bus!

Paul and Christine

We really liked this bus :D

Wall of happiness :)

The Cheeky Girls

An Adele Tribute Act
Totally Gaga (a Lady Gaga tribute Act)

Crowds :)

Slightly derpy photo of me that @KirstyM_85 took :)

I bought some doggy cupcakes for Star from the No Bones  stall :)

How cute is the bag they came in?

Onto the freebies!
A cookbook from Age UK, had a flick through this and it look like it has some yummies in it :D

This is so going on the wall in my studio :)

Various leaflets, condoms, lube and a metro radio lanyard!

Stress balls, flag, etc

This was a bit of an odd one, Lumley Castle's weddings brochure, that only features photos of one male + one female marriages  0.o Happy Gay Pride, here are some photos of straight people to remind you what you still can't have!
(for my non-UK readers, we have civil partnerships for same sex couple at the moment in the UK, which is similar but not quite the same as marriage)

Obligatory copy of Out Magazine.

More flyers, a pedometer etc (I think my penpals might end up being sent the badges because "How are you feeling" and "Hope you are ok" seem like nice messages to send penpals :) 

Army of free pens to hopefully keep us going until next year (unless Kev borrows them all and doesn't give them back like he usually does ಠ_ಠ )

Lots of postcards that will also be winging their way to penpals (and possibly postcrossing)

Super cool reusable shopping bag :D

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