Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Wooden Box

nineties-tastic hair springs!

So the other day I brought home two of my old jewellery boxes , this is what I found in the wooden one.

So much de-tangling!

Remember those rubber charity bracelets? This one is one of those Breast Cancer Awareness ones, you know the ones that make people aware that boobs are sexual and despite heart disease and poverty related illness being bigger killers you have to keep constantly talking about how horrible a world without boobs would be!

Random friendship bracelet.

Another friendship bracelet.

I bead wove this one. I should really get back into beadweaving.

Some HUGE plastic hoop earrings that I bought in a mall in A Coruña, I think I have a black bair somewhere too.

My Agent 3am ID from when I used to Young People's Rights groups...Ewww look how normal I looked!

Ummmmmmm no idea what this is!

Random string of beads I used for yesterdays hair of the day.

Bought in A Coruña when I was too young to see the irony in mass produced Anarchy.

Amy? Who is Amy?

Thistle broach I bought the first time I visited Edinburgh. I really want to crochet myself a beret to put this on :)

OMG Power bracelets...Remember these?

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