Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Working on my fitness

Photo found on photobucket, I don't know the original source :/

One of my freebies from Gay Pride was a pedometer, and out of curiosity I put it on yesterday to see how many steps I did in an average day, turns out I only do 2062 steps 0.o

I've been wanting to work on my over all fitness for a while now (ever since some douchebag told me I wasn't allowed to do something because I'm "a girl" I've wanted to work on my fitness so that if I ever have the pleasure of his acquaintance again  I can waltz on past with like 20 boxes or something).
Anyway I really want to get my steps up to 10,000 as a starting point.

I'm not really looking to loose weight because I'm happy with how my body looks, I'm just not all that happy with my fitness, so here we go, wish me luck!

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