Saturday, 28 July 2012

Yesterday :)

Photos in this post are all nabbed from Kev36663

Yesterday I managed 11,500 steps...Today I have mostly been collapsed on the sofa 0.o

Yesterday was The Cruxshadows gig, the last time I saw them was back in 2009 so I was really exited about this one :)

Pictured...A long ass time ago...

I managed to get my little finger on my right hand crushed against a wall at one point when we were setting things up, so two of my fingers were strapped together so I didn't end up hurting them more. I kind of ended up accidently "Live Long and Prospering" at people 0.o

This is Mark, he's dancing on a table to make sure that if we put the table on stage none of The Cruxshadows would fall though it!

When we moved the table we found out what the actual colour of the floor is!

I did the door for this gig, so I missed the two opening bands Speckulus and Alterred, but Kev snapped this really cool photo of Alterred and I thought it should be shared:

The Cruxshadows were every bit as awesome as I remembered, more so in fact.

One of the things I love about this band is the way Rogue seems to spend very little time actually on the stage and most of it out in the audience.
Of course the way their music is so dancey helps too :)

Afterwards Kev helped to load out so I got to DJ for a bit (which I'd never done before), apart from the terrifying few minutes where I thought I'd somehow managed to delete the entire playlist of things I had queued up (I hadn't), I think I did ok :) Once I got over the nerves it was quite fun :)

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