Monday, 6 August 2012

Classic Dr Who

It's been a while since our VHS player stopped working, but recently Kev decided to get a lot of classic Dr Who DVDs so that we could have some Dr Who marathons during his three weeks after his old job ended and before his new one starts at the beginning of September.

Tom Baker

With a couple of exceptions here and there I haven't seen most of these since I was a very small child (back when Dr Who repeats used  to be on after Noel's House Party on a Saturday night), I remember that Tom Baker was my favourite Dr, Ace my favourite assistant and being utterly terrified of Davros (especially in the story where he was just a head OMG NOOOOOOOOOO!!!).

Tomb of the aluminium foil covered cardboard!

It's quite interesting to see things in really old episodes that have influenced other SciFi series, I'm pretty sure for example that Tomb of the Cybermen has had some influence on The Borg in Star Trek (I've always thought they were quite similar but it's a lot more obvious in this story).

Also while sometimes the old special effects are a bit pants (we're currently watching The Web Planet that features a lot of people dressed as bugs that I think are supposed to look sinister but made me scream "OMG CUTE!!!") sometimes the strong storylines make up for that, my favourite so far has been Inferno in which drilling into the earth's crust goes horribly wrong, the Dr ends up in a parallel universe where the Brigadier has an eye-patch and a duelling scar, and green grunge turns people into Lon Chaney style werewolf creatures.

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